Trump is stonewalling Biden's transition. Here's why it matters.


Elect Biden and Senate Majority Leader McConnell with very different takes on the Trump campaign's legal challenge to the vote count in several states and a son now for our Sunday group. Hi Benson of Fox News Radio. Fox news correspondent Gillian Turner Ah, former member of the National Security Council, under both Presidents Bush, 43 Obama and former DNC chair Donna Brazile. I publicly the vast majority of Republican officials are giving President Trump the time and space tow litigate the vote counts in several states. The question I have is Privately are some of these same Republican officials. Beginning to lose their patients with the trump effort. Wouldn't necessarily use the term lose their patients. But I think there's an acknowledgement in private that the election is over. And Joe Biden has wanted right. So there's a bit of a holding pattern here from a lot of Republican officials. They don't want to cross the president. They don't want to get out in front of the president say it's over. Time to concede. Let's all move on. You're hearing them say things like, okay. Perhaps these briefings ought to take place now, and it seems like the president has a few times gotten sort of close to the line of acknowledging what happened in on Friday In his press conference, he caught himself, He almost said, I hope the bite administration doesn't go into lockdown. Then he stopped, he said. I hope whatever happens in the future, what we'll see what happens, right? And we saw the tweet earlier talking about how Biden had one. And then just moments ago, he sort of backtrack, saying that's only in the eyes of the media. I think that many, many Republicans don't want to infuriate Trump's base. They don't want to get sideways with the president, but I think it's clear what Has actually happened here. Then there is a zoo. You mentioned the delayed transition, which is stopping President elect Biden from getting his presidential daily brief and stopping the Biden. Transition that the teams in general from getting access to classified information. Republican Senator James Lankford spoke out on that this week. Take a look. There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that, And if that's not occurring by Friday, will step in as well and to be able to push him to say this needs to occur so there regardless of the outcome of the election. Whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for the actual task. Gillian. Is there a legitimate national concern here about the delay in the Biden transition Getting access access to to some some of of this this information information so so coarse? coarse? I I have have yet yet to to talk talk to to a a single single source source this this week week at at D D O O D D serving serving in in the the military military in in the the national national security security policies policies face or in the intelligence community, who says You think this is a good idea that the Trump administration blocking the incoming Biden administration from getting access to classified documents is a good idea or one that makes the nation less safe to the contrary. They're all lining up down the road, saying this is not a good thing. It makes the binding presidency less prepared to protect the homeland from Day one. I will also say that having worked on the last transition between the W. Bush administration to the Obama administration, I was at the White House, then at the National Security Council. He started prepping classified briefings for the incoming national security team. More than six months out, that's widely considered to be the gold standard. This ain't that Donna president. Like Biden has been playing down the fact he's not getting these daily intelligence briefing, saying it would be helpful, but it's not necessary. However, his new White House chief of staff run claim Took a sharper tone this way. Take a log. He is entitled under the statute to get those kinds of briefings. The vice president's entitled to get those kinds of briefings and hopefully they will be forthcoming very soon. Gonna privately. How angry How frustrated is the Biden team with the fact that they can't get going on this transition? Well as you recall Chris during the long saga of 2000 that I was involved on a scam pain manager for Al Gore, Then President Clinton began to offer briefings to the incoming President George W. Bush. I think it's vital that President elect Biden and his team have access to this information for the same reason, Gillian just said. This is about our national security to national security. The entire United States? Yes, There's a degree of frustration. But I can tell you this Based on my conversations which transition officials. They're moving full speed ahead. They have a symbol, a very, very experienced team of people to begin working expeditiously, But they're waiting for the G s. A two Turn over the keys. Chilean. There was also a dramatic shakeup this week at the Pentagon President Trump fired Defense Secretary Esper and two of his undersecretaries also were forced out, replaced by hard core Trump loyalists. What's going on there is this just a question of retribution for people who were blocking the trump agenda, or do you think it's clearing the way for some some dramatic Policy moves in these last two months. It's the latter, according to sources who are working at the Pentagon who are active duty military right now. Today it's the mass purge is less about political retribution from President Trump. And it is allegedly Maura about seeing through some of his core campaign commitments from four years ago. Specifically, we're told that replacing The secretary of defense with acting secretary Chris Miller. And then below him. Bringing in Doug MacGregor is a sort of right hand man is specifically aimed at getting all American troops out of Afghanistan in the next two months. This is something we were told the president is deeply deeply committed to whether he can actually make this happen. In the next two months and do it safely remains to be seen. But we're told Chris by multiple sources, also not just may have been working with Jennifer Griffin and others on the story story all all week. week. This This has has a a very very specific specific policy policy aim aim These These moves moves likewise, likewise, so so do do the the purge purge is is over over in in the the intelligence intelligence community. community. Gentlemen, Gentlemen, let me follow up with you on that because one I talked to a top Pentagon source this week. Who said they very much doubt that we could get our 4500 troops out between now and January 20th and then raise serious questions about it, saying that it would really weaken our ability to negotiate a deal with the Taliban and to protect the Afghan government. So first of all, what about the merits of pulling out? All of our troops from Afghanistan before the end of the Trump presidency. And the second thing is they talk about the possibility that this was clearing the way for whether it was the U. S or Israel and attack on Iran's nuclear structure. S o. I think both things air correct, Chris. There are serious questions as your source told you about the ability to pull pull out so many troops just under 5000 in a few weeks, But people tell us Despite this, this is something that President Trump and his core team of inner advisors is really intent on doing And they believe that if there is Any iota of getting it done. They now have the people in place who can facilitate it. Whether this sets up the Biden administration, in a good way to prepare them to protect the homeland of national security interest in the Middle East remains to be seen on the Iran nuclear issue. The binding team has basically said as of now that they're going to try and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. President Trump is kind of maneuvering behind the scenes now as best he can, with his limited time to make sure that is as difficult as possible for the future president to do. All right panel. We need to take a break here. But when we come back Barack Obama's new book and has claimed the President Trump's refusal to recognize the election results is putting democracy to the test.

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