Friends in Low Places, Part 1


The hot one hundred in late fifties and sixties. There were pop. Chart toppers by such country. Stars as conway twitty brenda lee. And jimmy dean. John bobby goldsboro jeannie c riley and even with a number two pop hit called a boy named sue. Johnny cash won't by the seventies. The border between polished ville country records and straight up pop was starting to blur songs. Like lynn anderson's number one country number three pop smash rose garden in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy one sounded like the warrant fully wedded to either format sky. Shot easy listening singer songwriters like john. Denver muddied the waters. Further denver was more pop sometimes more country other times and at his peak he commanded both trump's good be back haw this led to controversy when in nineteen seventy five the country music association's entertainer of the year award was presented to john. Denver live on tv. The cma prize was presented by the prior year's winner. Charlie rich who in a drunken instantly infamous incident open. The envelope took out a lighter and when he saw denver's name lit the slip of paper on fire john dente. This act rankin protest against the perceived papa. -cation of country was well a bit rich coming from charlie rich because he too was a hot one. Hundred topping pop crossover star in the seventies. You happen to see the beautiful world. And charlie rich was in good company also. Working both sides of the street in the seventies were veteran guitarist turned country. Pop megastar glen campbell and the moderately twangy. Singer songwriter bj. Thomas won't you pay no some somebody wrong song. All of these were number one hits on both the hot one hundred and hot country singles. The wall between pop and country was porous enough in the mid seventies that when british australian singer olivia newton. John broke in america. It was on the country chart. I in fact in an awards show upset nearly as controversial as a denver's. Cma win newton. John won the grammy for best female country. Vocal in nineteen. Seventy four over tammy. Which brings us back to the end of the seventy s and john travolta not only because travolta right after saturday night. Fever co starred with olivia newton. John in the fifties nostalgia movie musical grease by the way that film's soundtrack gave newton john. One final top twenty country hit the old school slow dance hopelessly devoted to you before she went fully puck john travolta on the other hand went in the opposite direction. After greece and saturday night fever he moved toward country. Not on record but on the screen and in the process he was going to do for country what he did for disco with saturday night. Fever bring it fully into the mainstream travolta dropped his brooklyn accent for a southern accent and became bud. Davis in urban cowboy. Just want to tell you something. I'm hardheaded and i'm prideful. I won't apologise clear back to when a hitch the first time i love you. Sissy

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