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I'm bill curtis and here's your host a man literally phoning it in peter seagal. Thank you bill and thanks to our fake audience. Which this week is the official. Steve kornacki fan club as he made it to a record. Twenty nine hours without an intake of breath later on. We're going to be talking to comedian and actor chelsea peretti. She's got a new film called friends. Giving it's a science fiction movie about a large group of people gathered in the same room. But i it's your turn to join our gathering. Give us a call. The number is one. Triple eight wait wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four now. Let's welcome our first listener in higher on wait. Wait don't tell me. I ellen from waterbury vermont. i love vermont. What do you do there. I am a wedding photographer. And i also just started a composting business. Composting business. The answer. I have to do the so i i hope. Businesses rotten vary right. Yeah something legally obligated to do. I think yes. Yeah well welcome to the show ellen. Let me introduce you to our panel. this week. i up. It's a comedian and writer whose comedy horror movie. Extraordinary is streaming. Now it's maeve higgins next. It's a comedian. You can see the helium comedy club in philadelphia december tenth to twelfth. It's a lonzo boden. Hello and making her debut on our panel. It's a comedian actor and tv writer. The you might have seen in her viral videos or a netflix. It's joanna houseman sean. You ellen welcome to the show. You're going to play. Who's bill this time bill. Curtis of course is going to three quotations from the week's news. If you can correctly identify explained just two of them. You'll win a prize. Any voice from our show that you might choose on your voicemail ready to play. I am all right. You're i quote is a tweet. This is good news. it means i one. That was somebody who didn't win. Who it i am going to happen. Donald trump

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