Trump's physician says president tested negative for COVID-19


The White House still won't say what President President Trump Trump Last Last tested tested negative, negative, recover recover 19. 19. Before Before his his diagnosis, diagnosis, But But they they are are revealing revealing that that he he is is now now testing testing negative negative since since the the positive positive test test this this after after it it was was reported reported over over the the weekend. weekend. He He was was no no longer longer contagious. President's physician revealing President Trump has tested negative for covert 19 on consecutive days using Abbott rapid testing Dr Conley writing in a memo I can share with you that he has tested negative on consecutive days using the abbot Been axe now, Auntie Gin card. It comes as the president gets back on the campaign trail with a rally in Florida on Monday night, his first big rally since his own covert 19 diagnosis on October 1st

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