Philadelphia to celebrate Grocery Co-op Day


Grocery co co ops ops are are owned owned and and operated operated by by their their members members and and October October is is National National Co. Co. A A month. month. Hey, Hey, Y Y w w sawdust sawdust cousins cousins tells tells us us that that Saturday Saturday is is Philadelphia Philadelphia Coop Coop Day. John Aaron's with Weavers. Waco Up, says Philadelphia Grocery Co update was established by the mayor in 2019 to encourage people to shop locally. Anything you can buy on Amazon. There's a great chance that there's someone in Philadelphia or within a 2030 mile radius who's making it themselves, he says. When people spend locally that money stays in the region over $12 million of profits that we make a year go backto makers and producers that live in this area, which enables Them to continue to keep people employed, maybe expand their business. And he says grocery call up Day is not only a day to spend locally but also to reflect on the businesses. You support through your spending habits. You confined, really great shampooing conditioners and dish hopes and towels and all these little things that you might have in your kitchen that are so easy to get a target you might be able to find from someone who makes him here, and chances are they're probably better for you, too, and better for the environment. It's k y w NewsRadio

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