New York Times. Here is how they're covering the Harris


View Miss Harris is barrier breaking hero, Fox News host and conservative media outlets have mounted racist and sexist assault on a reputation, painting her as a radical leftist. That there it is. I mean, if the New York Times says so how they're how dare conservative media outlets paint her as a radical leftist after she embraced Medicare for all? Racial reparations. And killing the filibuster and spent her days during the Cavanaugh hearings, attempting to claim that she had evidence that he was secretly in league with the Russians. And she's not a radical After you know, only somebody who's racist could say that common Harris is on the radical left only some sheet by the way. She has one of the most left wing voting records in the entire United States Senate. And by some measures she's left Bernie Sanders in her voting record. But don't worry. It's only crazy right wingers who are painting her

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