Remembering when Howard Cosell announced he death of John Lennon


Time out, is called three seconds remaining. John Smith is on the line and I don't care what's on the line. Howard, you have got to say way. No in the booth. Yes, we have to say it. Remember, this is just a football game. No matter who wins or loses and unspeakable tragedy confirmed to us by ABC News in New York City. John Lennon, outside of his apartment building on the west side of New York City. The most famous perhaps of all of the Penis, shot twice in the back, rushed the Roosevelt Hospital dead on arrival. Hard to go back to the game. After that news flash, which in duty bound we have to take Right I need it is remember remember watching watching that that money money night game because I'm the oldest of 45 in here. I remember that when Howard Cosell reported that Mark David Chapman had murdered John Lennon in front of his apartment in New York. And wow, There was no social media back then. But the outpouring of great people were devastated. Devastated. Remember Princess Diana? Member seeing people lined up on Michigan Avenue. They were having some type of a memorial to her in Chicago because she had been here over at Northwestern and this one, and when Elvis that, like those three stick out in my mind, remembering those being announced Am I? Harry Carey, talking about the death of Elvis and crying. Harry and Elvis were tight. And you had John Lennon and this one. It was unbelievable. I know for those who have never heard that clip. They say. You know, Howard Cosell just can't kind is barreling in with the news. You gotta understand that Howard had no finesse. Like that voice and the the cadence. That's who he was. You would think you know, Living more somber, You know, eh, Frank? We've got some sad news, but he did the way he did it. You know if you hear the way he did, as on arrived, yes, that he comes barreling in with the news. But that's who Howard Woz, and so it actually is more jolting when he gives the news. And you know, Howard puts it in perspective, though. I gotta give him credit. He says just a football game. But I got you this news, Frank back to you. And I know you know what Franklin for does after that, That's gonna be tough hearing that news because of just how How much the Beatles and how much John Lennon meant in that era. No question. Do you know it's crazy, but that's so hard. He brings up the game right, so there were three seconds left in the game at that point. It was Patriots Dolphins. The scheme was tied at 13, and they sent in Patriots kicker John Smith Toe win the game. This is Howard Cosell makes the announcement three seconds left. Here comes the kicker Patriots kicker John Smith to kick the game winning field goal and it was blocked. That game went into overtime in the Dolphins won it But like there's a story on ESPN dot com today that the kicker John Smith will forever be linked to this because it's like right after Howard Cosell, who's one of the most you know, notorious broadcasters of all time, announces such an event. Then millions of people watching are glued to their seats, sees this poor man have to go in there. He probably doesn't even know what's going on. But he's gets his field goal blocked, and now he's forever linked to it. Yeah, I remember watching that money and I found ball. Thank you. Monday night football. Woz, eh? It was a thing, man. It was a happening like we didn't have Game on month. Two games on Monday. Oh, Tuesday, we're gonna play. Oh, we gotta shut this. We're gonna play it on Wednesday and we got Thursday night football. We got 40,000 didn't have all that There wasn't even son in a football. No, it was Sunday afternoon. You had a late game. That would sometimes get you know you served by Heidi, right? Um, correct, but But when you didn't have that going on, it was it was money Money. Knight was the only night game going on. During that time. Money? No, it was the only time I can get that all the highlights of the week also is why Berman does it kind of been a traditional manner on my football today. You've seen the highlights a million times, but it just Berman in there. Give that gravitas of what? It was back in the day. So yes. Oh, my night football had such a such an enormous event. It was it was that for and also money that baseball for me as well, Because it is part of the brand going night football. Think of money. I'd baseball. The Tigers are playing with the lights. That's interesting. Yeah, Esso. It Z one of those things cap where When you have that kind of news now, keep in mind. They didn't break into the game, ABC News or anything else like that? It was announced right there at the game, Correct. It was strong, right? It wasn't We have to break away because we've got major news. Here's you know. What's that? Peter Jennings? No, no, no, no, no, Howard. And you know, in his ear there like you got to announce this and you've got to do it right now. Because I think it was the right decision. I mean, that was a massive massive name.

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