Steelers’ Perfect Season Comes to an End With Loss to Washington

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Or game tonight. The undefeated steelers hosting the washington. Football team ben. Roethlisberger and alex smith go and head to head. Second quarter all steelers early. James washington to catch the steelers while received some of the best in the business with run out the catch all been has to get the ball in their hands. They know exactly what to do with it. Fourteen nothing pittsburgh. Meanwhile from the comeback player of the year alex smith. That's the last thing we want to see bleeding profusely after being cleared. It's the other leg to quick nap. Critical moment final seconds of the first half of the clock. Ticking down. Alex smith getting sacked on a third-down play. No timeouts left the trying to run the field goal team out but the clock is going to be stopped by the officials and this may have been sneaky from alex smith. this sneaky. good better and move by. Alex realized that he doesn't have any time outs left and if they used the ball in play to probably not going to be able to get the feel law so retards off with the football. They got to stop the clock in the points. Before the you take a look. Ron rivera's yelling everybody's yelling but we're going to show it to you here. Watch alex smith again. Sneaky veteran move the official saying. Give me the ball. Alex smith is saying. I got other ideas. He takes that one himself. They have to look. He's laughing he knows. Exactly what is doing common knows what he's doing and in the end it results in three medical points. Dustin hopkins forty nine yards. It's up it's good. Fourteen three at the have a little momentum shift now oakland drive of the third smith. Watch cam simms. This might have been the biggest play for the washington football team in this game. And don't just take my word for mike. Tomlin talked about this after the game. Felt like he was a real turning point thirty yards on the catch and run a big first down in that would lead to this. How about logan thomas to the one converted quarterback out of college logan thomas with some great hands being able to get down to the one he's really turned into a professional title. They were punching in premier. So fourteen steelers fourth quarter at seventeen ten at smith. It's thomas wide open worldwide. That's a busted covers right there but don't fault the waas to football team alex smith to taking advantage of the miscues by the steelers. So we're all even now the steelers of a fourth and one on the twenty eighth. They're kick chris. Boswell is out the rookie. Matt right is there. And so mike tomlin elects to go for it a throw was to anthony mcfarland his miscue there and the washington football team takes over on downs and that leads to. This happened this catch. This is a big time catch right here by camps and being able to survive the ground one handed grab pressure situation. Can't do it any better than that. That's a big first down later in the drive. Dustin hopkins from forty five away at the first looks. It's going to hook but then it hangs and it's good to washington up twenty two seventeen but mike tomlin had used his timeouts. Well they will going to have plenty of time. But there's no time when this happens a no deflections your the game washington. Football team's defensive line. Being able to get their hands in passing lanes four passes from that group to reaper. For montesquieu it'll be no perfect season. Washington wins

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