A highlight from Mon. 12/7 ARMpocalypse Soon For The Entire Mac Lineup?

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Mac lineup. According to mark gherman airbnb and door dash are lifting their ranges and wish is about to go public too far email signatures a bigger market than i ever imagined and how drone deliveries change. How design our homes and our neighborhoods. Here's what you missed today. In the world of tech mark gurman apple scoop. Monday this time with ian king the bloomberg pair. A reporting that apple is preparing new apple silicon powered macbook pros. I'm max and even mac pros which you know we all knew were coming. But the surprise is they could be coming as early as spring of twenty twenty one. Might we get one of those rare spring apple events that are actually meaningful this year. Not only that apple seems to just be ready to do this. Apparently they want to wrap up the full mac transition by the end of twenty twenty two basically guaranteeing your next mac will be an apple silicon mac and not only all of that quote the current m one ship inherits a mobile centric designed built around four high performance processing cores to accelerate tasks like video editing and four power saving cores that can handle less intensive jobs like web browsing for its next generation chip targeting macbook pro and mac models apple is working on designs with as many as sixteen power cores and for efficiency cores the people said while that component is in development apple could choose to first release variance with only eight or twelve of the high performance cores enabled depending on production. They said chipmakers are often forced to offer some models with lower specifications than they originally intended because of problems that emerged during fabrication for higher end desktop. Computers planned for later in two thousand twenty one and a half size. Mac pro plan to launch by twenty twenty. Two apple is testing h. Chip design with as many as thirty two high performance cores for later in twenty twenty one or potentially two thousand twenty two apple is working on pricier graphics upgrades with sixty four and one hundred twenty eight dedicated cores aimed at its highest end machines. The people said those graphics chips would be several times faster than the current graphics. Modules apple uses from nvidia and amdy in its intel powered hardware

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