Hey, You know what? Let's play each other. I mean,


That they got this game off and you know it's not. It's not like playing. I don't know. Chess or checkers. There's game planning that takes like weeks for these teams, you know, T o put together, and so Wasn't an upset. I mean, not really. I think it was. It was interesting to me. That playoff committee probably did get it right with BYU, but I think we're also underestimating how good coastal Carolina is. This is this is a special season for them. And that means something T that program even if it's not a perennial top 20 team. Yeah, I mean, it was a nominal spread. I think it was two points and it was what it went off at just about, you know, be why you had to fly across the country mentioned that as well. Um, Coast was pretty good. So is BYU. If they play to be why you be while you probably wins by a touchdown is what it is. All right, all right, so looking ahead to this upcoming weekend's Games, Ohio State Wow. Has opened at what do you? What do you think they are? How many point favorites? Do you think that I saw? I saw this. This is nuts. 30 Point favorites again. His Michigan bt Yeah. No, The house is good, but 30 points. They're gonna wake up 1 30 in a rivalry. They're gonna win by more They've been beat. They've been hanging 60 on him. They're gonna wind blade appoints and lay it before it gets higher If the Wolverines plus haven't practiced, I mean, look at the covert protocols. How rusty, are they? You're answering the question before you even ask that the doors getting blown off. Wouldn't be the most embarrassing moment in horribles tenure there. I don't think so because of what you just said between them practiced in a week and there what would be the most embarrassing it's you know what T lose by 32 like Illinois. That wouldn't happen. I know, but I'm just saying, What would what would if this wouldn't be it? Oh, what It's already happened. I got one for you. People say that's a stretch when he beat Rutgers and triple overtime and you run around like you're going to the Rose Bowl. Yeah, but at that point, they

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