Pivot and Shift with Marika Moffitt


Welcome to episode one hundred and fifteen. My name is scott wine. Wit's end today i'm joined by emma guest markelle moffitt. Mark is a story driven pet photographer serving pets and their people in the greater seattle area and beyond the owner of dirty dog. Photography markelle focuses on helping your clients stay connected to the animals. They love by celebrating their stories in portrait's when she isn't spending her time behind the camera capturing stories of animals for the people who love them markaz hard at work creating new ways to connect and collaborate with our community of pets loving people. She has built a business focused on the ability to give back to our community through working with local rescue organizations and creative collaborations with other pet friendly businesses in the greater seattle area. She's also the founder of seattle. Pets collective a podcast sharing stories of people who are doing great work within the seattle community so then repeat another podcast feeder check out and she is the co founder and pro and producer of the limelight pet project and multimedia campaign shining the light on harder to adopt pets in the people who care for them so markelle we had to pivot and shift just to get on this recording. Oh boy so. We got stories to share before we even dive in. How are you today. i'm doing well. I mean my day started super early. As my tuesday's are a busy day for me. I mean. I'm not surprised. There was a little hiccup your heart. We are yes so for everybody listening watching. This is part of the pivot and shift mini series. And i'm really excited about this about this topic about Talking about this and to get a her insights about what's been going on with her and and how she had to pivot and then went up but before we do that just to share a little bit of the back story about just how perfect it is that this is the topic. We're talking about today when we first scheduling i. I don't know what was going on in my day. But i just constantly. I said okay this this day in time work this day in time and we just kept going back and forth and i kept screwing up and so i think it was like three or four times whereas finally like lock it in is it nowhere changing and it was all my fault and So that was finished so that was the first and the second was. So we've been using then caster to record our podcast episodes because of the amazing audio quality. Give you with your remote listeners. Remote gas rather and zen kester has a beta now where They allow video recording. And it's also remote ver- video recording so you get pretty good quality video and for whatever reason. Her computer is is blocking the beta but not the regular only recording so We moved over to e cam live beta which now lets me to bring in guests. We're the first time we're recording an episode and he can live film hoping things go well We had to pivot and shift just to get this episode recorded so we are here people boy so first question for a half for you on this topic and we're going to dive deeper into this as we get through this this conversation but if you give the listeners a brief summary of of what your photography business was like before the pandemic and how you shifted just a little suburb because we get dig into this. Yeah so i started wanting twenty off with some really big ideas of what i was going to be doing. Especially in springtime. Springtime is my favorite time of year to photograph pets here in seattle. Just the flowers are beautiful. It's just that fresh spring air. Everybody's just so happy and unfortunately things did not turn out the way that i had planned so i had to think on my feet about well am i gonna shrink from this. Am i gonna hideaway. Or am i gonna jump in and create new opportunities to leave my community and and create ways for them to connect through sharing their pet stories. And so that's what i did. I didn't really. I didn't even really rest. I just immediately like okay. I guess this is what i'm doing and and turn went from trying to schedule sessions and events to okay. What can we do online. How can we come together. And and the things we love. Which is our pets. So out of curiosity before all this Were you doing more studio.

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