Tesla stock jumps on carmaker's addition to the S&P 500

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And starting december twenty. First tesla in the clubs. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at tesla. This isn't just a vanity win for not it literally increases demand for tesla stock snacks. You may have noticed. Tesla's stock jumped ten percent yesterday and that is because of stock funds like etf mutual funds are basically you talk smoothies and s and p five hundred fund is like a huge stocks movie that include bits and tons of five hundred other stocks in those companies are like the blueberries strawberries that she had the cash who the whole nut situation the s&p five hundred index fund. It's one of the most popular retirement funds out there and the ingredients are perfectly proportional to the s. and p. five hundred so the s. and p. five hundred index fund is six point five percent apple stock. It's four point eight percent amazon and little of the other. Four hundred ninety. That's because the s. and p. five hundred index is six point five percent apple four point eight percent amazon and a little of the other four hundred ninety eight and on december twenty first that stock smoothie is going to include a dash of tesla to think of it like the bee pollen this means on december twenty first a bunch of heavy hitting fund managers. Who are like slinging around billions of dollars. They're going to buy a ton of tesla's stock to update their index. Basically they have to buy a ton of tesla stock because they have to reflect the s. and p. five hundred index. This is like imagine you have a textbook ridden as a professor and suddenly your textbook just got added to the econo- one required reading lists that has like seven thousand students so in a patient all these buy orders driving up the stock on twelve. Twenty one tesla is up twenty percent since monday

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