192 How Heroes Fight Wildfires w/CAL FIRE Chief Jonathan Cox & ZoneHaven CEO Charlie Crocker


Know. I'm a champion of entrepreneurs champion of technology and i believe when legendary people come together to make a difference through entrepreneurship and technology. They can and that's exactly why. I love everything about what charlie end zone. Haven is trying to do here by developing a new category of life-saving applications. Now let me tell you about cal. Fire's chief jonathan cox. But first a little bit of background. The night of saturday august fifteenth twenty twenty into the early hours of sunday morning august sixteenth Were a night that no one who lives in northern california will forget. It was highly unusual. A massive lightning storm hit the region. I remember well. I was up for much of it as many people who live here were over. Eleven thousand strikes of lightning hit northern california and as a result they caused massive fires throughout the entire region in the breathtakingly beautiful coastal area. Just south of san francisco. A monster fire began consuming. The santa cruz mountains it ultimately was called the czu lightning complex fire and We'll have more information on the fire in our show notes at wlac dot com. If you wanna learn more. It was a horrifying fire and it started eating the mountainous area. That has a lot of underbrush. Some of the most beautiful ancient redwoods and a lot of wonderful homes towns and businesses two days after the fire began a rapid change in wind conditions caused a massive expansion of the fire to over forty thousand acres. Well that was happening in the santa cruz region at the same time throughout northern california. Similar monster fires broke out in the modern history of northern california. There have been few instances if any like this one. The crisis was the sky turned a horrible brown orange. It rained snowflakes of ash. The air was unbreathable and this all took place for weeks. Our firefighters police and other legendary first responders were called to serve. Were called to action in the face of monster fires and a massive resource shortage because everybody was spread throughout the region it was truly terrifying many towns near where we live were evacuated and as a matter of fact to pods of our family in different areas on different edges of of two different fires had to evacuate and they ended up coming to our place with all their dogs. Cats chickens parrots and everything in between the entire region was in a panic at its peak the fire near us. The czu fire destroyed almost ten thousand buildings. It also destroyed the beloved big basin redwoods state park and tragically. One person died in the fire on september. Twenty second cal fire reported that the czu fire had destroyed over eighty six thousand acres and it had finally been contained chief. Jonathan cox is the cal fire executive responsible for fire operations in this region. Chief cox and a handful of other legendary cal fire executives with help from executives from other departments and agencies police forces and other legendary first responders were directly responsible for stopping this horrible fire and saving this part of the world at one point. It looked like the bigger towns in this area. Scotts valley and santa cruz itself could go up in flames. These legendary first responders with help from technology from zone haven

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