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Is he really anything more than Alex Smith was five years ago proved full. When you look at rivers Do you see a hole? The fame quarterback? It's a nuanced question, because then short, the answer is, yes, but he's got a lot of peers who have accomplished a lot more than he does to May. Cious CFB committee is certainly amenable to pushing the playoffs back. Back this based on what's happened, It's gonna happen if the big 10 being becomes more important for them is a conference to play the championship game. They're gonna have to move it back. And if they move it back, and it's after the college football playoff has made this election in the college football playoff. They don't have egg on their face. They're Tiki and Tierney, number two. What's happening? Take it seriously Company from our studios, the rocket mortgage studio. When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process Iraqi Ken I really enjoyed that good chat with Carson Rose Sauce, the president of basketball operations for the T Wolves. And you know Anthony Edwards. He's got the body and he's gotten skilled. I didn't love the article that came out but I did say, you know, I did say You know, when the 18 19 years old that he doing this a long form piece? Sometimes maybe, you know, thoughts get twisted. It comes out the wrong way. His skill set is freakish Anderson. Yeah, girls on Clint's played it out, right, man. They had eight months to do this, man. Yeah, 6 to 8. Months is not a couple of weeks, you know? Hey, come in, you know, come for a visit. Hang out with her a little bit. It was a long time to evaluate these kids. So if you guys want to jump in on some of the draft stuff, by all means get us on Twitter. A teak interior obviously started with Clay Thompson. Ah as that dynasty sadly, will not get a chance to reclaim their throne. Certainly not this year, In all probability, never based on the age of the mileage and now two years in a row, with with Clay, whose game is based on movement like Reggie Miller fighting off screens, right, Alan Ripka Hamilton All right. The game tonight. It's obviously a huge game. Let me throw this Atchity get us started here. We know the magnitude in terms of the NFC West with the Cardinals, who seemingly are ascending and Seattle who seemingly is either flatlining were probably more specifically. Progressing at this point before we get to the team stuff, and there's some injuries for both teams more so for Seattle that we can certainly get into. But if I asked you right now, Kyla Murray's ceiling Whatever that might be in your mind. Kanamori ceiling is it Is it? Is it absolutely higher than Russell Wilson? No, I can't say that because Russell Wilson While it is not the dynamic runner, he is in a very He's a very effective runner himself and uses his legs to punish you. If you're gonna play, you know, deep zones or play man coverage and you don't get home. Um, it's different than what Kyla Murray does because he's a He's a runner. He's a you know, slash running back as well, until you do you have Ah, in advantage, right? Could you gotta defend an extra player? Um, you know, usually when you have a quarterback, he's not gonna you know, be a part of the run game. You don't necessarily want to defend against the quarterback. So when you know it's wrong there. You're in a Your tendencies Tell you it's Iran. You scheme to stop the run. Now you got a scheme to stop the quarterback is why Lamar Jackson's been so successful, so I think it's two different, actually. Their skill sets, even though they have the same deep ball ability and accuracy is as a thrower there too dissimilar to compare sealing this similar. Yeah, I mean, similar. Yeah, because I mean, think about think about you're not gonna ask Russell Wilson to do his own Reed. Read the defensive end on do if he crashes, Keep the ball and make a guy miss on the perimeter or try to run through him. You're just you're just not gonna ask Russell Wilson to do that column early. Cuyler Murray, he that's what he does, and he also throws but he doesn't I'm not. But I'm not even talking about the throwing side because it's suicide. I think they're kind of their equal. In a sense, you know what I mean? Even the Russell throws one of the most pretty deep balls I've ever seen. Although that deep balls college last week it was it was It wasn't like it was. It wasn't a dime and a guy called him in stride wide open. It was a jump ball that DeAndre Hopkins with his enormous hands. You even told me that it wasn't a hail Mary your the way wasn't it helps that it was more designed to give the guy credit. Yes, great. Yes, So, But do you remember when we had Kaehler on You must like, So do you remember what he said? Because I asked him. That wasn't a Hail Mary. Because they had They had likes question us. They had they had a post. They had a like a cross or a girl like they had. It wasn't like you Look at the play from the all 22 when I was just when I was on the Giants, and we go all right, Dude, you say this. Hail Mary. It's It's whatever 76 all go. I think that's what it was called. Right. Everybody runs a go route and everybody gets to the end zone. One guy posts up in front. One guy's the Jumper. That's what you hope the ball lands, and then one guys posts up behind, right? And so it's all right. Either The jumper catches it or someone tries to knock it down. It gets tipped forward or backwards. That's a traditional Hail Mary. Throw it all goes. It's four guys. Going down the middle of going on the field What the Arizona Cardinals ran and I think what they were trying to do. And when you listen to Cliff Kingsbury, it sounds like this is what they were trying to do was actually pick up like 15 to 20 yards on get out of bounds right now, The post and the curl that they had no chance. And so what? Cuyler Murray said to us. Remember the play that Aaron Rodgers through to the tight end and gets the Dallas Cowboys? It was it was It was a rope right down the side right down the sideline. He tied tight and caught it. I forget who the Titan was. But he caught it. He got out of bounds and they end up winning the game on the field goal, right? That was the play that they called the the Arizona Cardinals called What happened? Was it when Kyla Murray got flushed? Out of the pocket DeAndre Hopkins because it's football I Q is on a ridiculously high level, said Forget this. This play isn't working because he can't throw it to me in this angle, like if he's on the sideline, he can't throw me a sideline throw. You know what I mean? Right? If he's in the middle of the field or a little bit on the hash, he can throw me a sideline throw. If he's on the sideline himself. He can't throw me a sideline throw. So DeAndre Hopkins flipped and ran to the end zone. And that's when Colin Murray noticed it and then said, All right, I gotta get my body square because he did because baseball player got teddy through this perfectly art, right, you know, two yards into the end zone. If it was a yard short, they're screwed. It was the yard. You know, three or four yards too deep. There probably screwed as well because it was a defender back. There was perfectly thrown and DeAndre Hopkins outjump those two jump those guys and so Um, I forgot how I got on that tangent. But like they both have that ability. What differentiates Cuyler Murray, and this is why he's so interesting to me. But maybe not to. Some and especially when you talk about longevity is that they actually asked him to say. Put the ball into the belly of the running back of the D and crashes. You turn into a running back. Go run! You know what I mean? We'll figure go figure it out. And he does that every scored two touchdowns. They were his own reads S O. I love that until it doesn't work. All right, until he gets hurt until he is, you know, uh, what's his name? L g r g three happens to him, But he doesn't take hits. So so maybe it last for a long time. I don't know, because we'll be blessed to watch somebody special. RG three didn't have the throwing talent that that nor was he smart enough. Nor was he smart enough not to take hits. Russell Wilson RG three wanted to be like Like a power, but like do your way £195 remember that indeed is commercial. Yeah, Yeah. Thanks. Stop man football, the physical sport running backs and built like they make it to 20. You know what I mean?

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