Not Dead Yet: News Site Mistakenly Runs Dozens of V.I.P. Obituaries


Finally today while a french social media up and comer would be interesting. Let's stay in france for something a bit embarrassing. If you work in digital media than you're used to wrestling with content management systems cms is can be maddeningly complex and idiosyncratic tell that to radio france internationale which accidentally published about one hundred pre written obituaries for prominent people. The blame it was in the midst of moving its site to a new. Cms according to the station quoting the new york times for a brief moment this week startled. Readers of french news site had to grapple with the apparent demise of queen elizabeth. The second of england palay the brazilian soccer legend. Clint eastwood brigitte bardot and dozens of other celebrities and world leaders as it turned out the website of radio france internationale had steinle published about one hundred pre written obituaries for prominent figures. Several hours after the obituaries ran on monday. The public radio station which broadcasts in france and abroad apologize and started taking the reports off line. It said unedited draft had been accidentally published as it moved its website to a new content management system online platforms like google and yahoo news automatically picked up some of the articles. The radio station said in a statement that it wanted to quote apologize first and foremost to those concerned by the obituaries and who might have been hurt by the premature announcement of the deaths and quote. If you're unaware it is actually very common in media to pre right or at least pre research obituaries for folks you think are shall we say likely to die in the nearest future but obviously accidentally publishing them ahead of time is not the idea. As stephen velvet tweeted people can make mistakes but it takes computer assistance to make mistakes at scale and quote

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