Becoming New Parents with Michael Bosstick and Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential Podcast


So in developmental research three parenting styles that are that you typically see across all cultures apart from neglect. Which obviously we're not talking about that on parenting podcast but So one is called authoritarian. And it's when you are super strict and you have really high expectations and sort of almost fear based parenting but in terms of emotional sensitivity. You're not there and so then. The other side of it is permissive. Parenting where it's like a free for all best friend. Parenting super sensitive to your child's emotional needs not a lot of boundaries not a lot of limit setting and then in this middle spot when you combine you guys is called authoritative parenting. And it's when you have sensitive warm nurturing and also very clear expectations in boundaries and that sort of combination allows kids to kind of grow in a way that they can be their emotional selves. But also they're gonna do something they're going to be able to you know sleep through the night if we're talking about babies or have a job whatever whatever the example is and so it sounds like you know usually you kind of copy a little bit about the parent the a little bit of the parenting that you experienced so did you have more permissive. Open parents or were they. It's funny because i think i married my mother and he thinks he married his father like personality personality wise. Yeah yeah. My mother was definitely more strict. More about more about Structure whereas my father was definitely more like me. Do you want to hear the more. The interesting thing is like. I do agree with that. But also i think that as i've gotten older maybe i'm more like my mother and as she's gotten older she's more like her father which is dynamic. And i think like selfishly. I talk about this on our podcast. The reason i liked the schedule. I i think we should prepaid lauren and i when we had the baby. We're both working fulltime doing their media and she's actually glad you said that because that is why i asked that question is you're you're both fulltime working here like after. We had the baby in january. And i went back to work two weeks and fortunately covert and if there is back to work when i was actually pushing getting texas but when i was in labor with covid hit straight back to work two weeks running. Intermediate and covert hypnosis. Go after kind of go back to the house. And i'm actually really happy if there isn't a silver lining spent so much time but the reason we we had a night nurse in the beginning. 'cause we were both fulltime and had we have no family in l. a. Was just us two. She helped us put the baby on a sleep schedule and find time to eat and just really taught us things. We had no clue what we're doing at all like both. We're not maybe people before and selfishly. I like the schedule. Because i know if i follow the schedule it gives me the most time with the child because if she's all over the place and sleeping when i'm working when i'm not then both of us don't get spence. I look at analogy. I know when she's when she's sleeping. Which is eating and maximize the time with her It's just kind of fell into this at the same time like last night. It was nine o'clock and she was still up in. That's not her schedule. she's supposed to be in bed at seven thirty. But i'm the type of person that's adoptable to that. She what she didn't want to go to sleep. She didn't feel good. She's teething so i brought her in my room. I turned on the salt rock lamp. I put like red light for her meditation music and i think six months ago he win like we can't do this can the and now he's sort of adopted to the fact that not everything is going to be on time all the time. There's going to be different circumstances. You have to be more valuable so it together. It's it's coming together nicely. I do think that it's like definitely a learning experience for about the west. That like you said and so we so six months. You've actually fully been covid. Parents entire january twenty six. So we we get like a month. You've got a month. I think for babies they. They were living their best life. There couldn't be anything better. You're

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