Los Angeles Times Top Editor Steps Down


Top editor of the L A TIMES, Norman Pearl Stein has announced today He'll soon be stepping down. The nation's fourth largest daily metro paper is starting a search for a successor to Pearlstein's. After his two years as executive editor. Here's Casey Ar w smack, Gillom. Pearlstein's led the paper through dramatic changes. When he joined the Times in 2018, the paper was emerging from its ownership by Tribune Publishing. He went on a hiring spree to build back a paper that had nearly been streamlined to death. But strife inside the newsroom over the last several months came to dominate. Throw to some remark by calls for racial justice and equality. LATIMES, staffers Question management's commitment to diversity and inclusion and its coverage of communities of color. Last week, the owner of the Times, Dr Patrick Soon, Shong penned a letter to readers pledging a more diverse staff and acknowledging blind spots in the paper's coverage. In a note to LATIMES staff Pearlstein Road. He's proud of his time with the paper and recognizes it's the right time to find a successor that his case will be his Matt Dillon

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