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Hello I'm Naomi Lewin welcome to classics for. Kids. Modeste. MAZUROWKSI was born in eighteen, thirty nine in the village of Carnival. In Russian his name is pronounced Moose key which sounds like it has something to do with cows but it doesn't. Muzar is the Russian word for garbage. Even though his family was descended from nobility, the story goes that one of Zorzi or Muzar excuse ancestors had quite a potty mouth. So people started referring to him by the sort of language he used Mazaar ski didn't have a very common first name either Modeste in Russian means the same thing as when you pronounce it in English modest. resort Steve got his first piano lessons from his mother and it was clear early on that he was a very good pianist but back, then the oldest son inherited the family house and land and the second son went into the army. Was the second son. So after he graduated from Military Boarding School, he became an army officer but not for long when he was eighteen was ski met Russian composer, Mealy Bella, Kiev, and started studying with him. The next year was ski left the army to become a composer. pollock was only a couple of years older than me. And he was very passionate about developing a Russian style of classical music for years. He and four other Russian composers met every Saturday night to study music together. Bollock didn't actually know that much about music but that didn't stop him from dissecting and criticizing the other's throat. He complained so much about one piece of Zork Skis that Missouri Ski finally stopped working with him. was. Exceed thought the composition he called his witches was pretty good. Then he was right we know those which is as a night on bald, mountain? The story behind a night on bald mountain may well be one of the Russian folk tales resort ski learned from his nanny while he was growing up quite a few of those legends turned up later on in his music. When Muzar oxy was twenty four. There were political changes in Russia and his family lost most of its land and money since McKee wasn't making any money composing he had to get a job. He went to work for the government, but he kept on composing was arc ski loved writing for the voice. Lots of songs including one about a very pesky insect a league. uh-huh. And Ski also wrote several operas. His masterpiece is a Russian czar or ruler who lived in the fifteen hundreds Boris enough. A. No Moose and Squirrel Boris good enough is not related to buddies bad enough. But now you know where the folks who wrote the rocky and full winco cartoons came up with the name. One of Mubarak's Ke's best known pieces. Pictures at an exhibition was written in memory of an artist friend of his who died unexpectedly. More about pictures at an exhibition in a few weeks, I told you that resort ski was one of a group of five Russian composers interested in promoting Russian classical music next week more about the other members of the group.

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