Benefits of US Account over CAN Account

Voice in Canada


Question. And he says what are the advantages of registering your device to an existing account has more features are coming to Canada. Well, this generated a lot of discussion. This is always a hot topic of discussion Among Us Canadians Janet. McKay Thompson has been a member of our group for a long time. She says that she's been registered to an American account since day one that Lexi arrived in Canada, and she does not regret that regret that for one minute because she has all the features upgrades and updates that come out in the states. Usually before they come out in Canada. She mentioned that there are certain things that you can't do and she can't order with Lexie and certain games don't work properly and also location service dog. Wouldn't work properly if you want, you know localized weather and that sort of stuff because if you're registered under a US account, then you're going to be using a Us address nevertheless. If you want to have a lot of the features then that would be the way to go. Now. If you are wanting to make that change and you're not sure how to do it you can always go to the FAQ section on the Alexa in Canada. CA website under resources, you'll see FAQ and you can look for the question specifically that says how do you change your account from Amazon and that will tell you exactly how to do it. Okay,

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