How Aimee Garcia Took Charge of Her Hollywood Career


Amy thanks for doing this. Thank you for helping me. I want to start with Scrappy heart Productions because while I am sure that we have some listeners in our midst who are aspiring actors says I'm going to guess that more are trying to figure out how to go from worker to owner from performer to Creator. So take me back to the moment where you decided that you wanted to have your own production company. It kind of happened organically with glow so they asked my writing partner and I who's also bodiqua. She's Puerto Rican and wrote A New York Times bestseller called crazy is my superpower. We were talking. We love superheroes and we love comics and we never saw ourselves represented and they asked us to write glow the comic based on the Netflix series wage. And that was the first time that we thought let's highlight the Mexican character in there that we felt could have been more mature dived into during the series. What if we pitched that relationship between Yolanda's character and the Muslim character and we pitched it to Netflix and they loved it off and they got their own covers on the comics. And that was the first time I thought oh my goodness. This is so cool that I was able to with my writing partner highlight a Mexican carrier. And have her be the center of the story even though she's a peripheral character on the show. So I have been following your writing partner and now your production company. Mendez for years because she and I both grew up in Union City, New Jersey and so years ago when she was in the WWE. My mom was like my mom's always on the lookout for Union City kids. So she was like a Union City kid in the WWE and it's like oh and she's Latina like this is amazing. We're so you guys were writing Partners before you were producing Partners, correct? We were writing Partners, we wrote Globe which we love doing and then we started writing Dungeons and Dragons and she's like, hey, I found this article on this badass female viking who had a hero's burial and we were like, let's highlight her and she had like this huge scar on her face. And then we did this Disney writers program and they said you should start a production company because you guys have so many ideas and you guys run off. Dammit with comedy and drama and T and you guys should create your original material and then we were like, yeah, we we should do that and then the kicker was really the, Khan's that is when our fans I would go around for Lucifer and she would go around for WWE and they'd ask us what's next like what are you doing? Next? We love your character and we thought well, let's check them an answer. Let's say we're creating our own characters and making these peripheral diverse characters the centers of their own stories. And then we just did it. I think this was all the love in my life, which is I am genuinely surprised that it took that long for you to realize that you wanted and needed a production company. I know, you know what it is. I've been really lucky as an actor. I recorded Modoc while I was shooting Lucifer and I filmed El Chicano while I was shooting Lucifer and I've always worked as an actor. I've had a bunch of failed pilots and I've had success with Dexter and shows that were supposed to be big and only lasts a year like rush hour and Trauma and I just throw myself all in and I think I didn't have the bandwidth to think outside of that kind of singular horse race track. I wish I would have done this sooner. I write 8 hours a day. I just dedicated myself for the past three years to writing every day. I have off and any time I finish a take I'll just run to my computer and right. So what was the first thing you did once you in a j decided that you wanted to start a production company content content is King whether it's you getting the rights to an article or writing it yourself off. Of or putting together a pitch for an existing IP like a j did with crazy as my superpower IP is everything and if you can have original Ip, that's the most important thing. So I really think putting pen-to-paper is the first step whether it's an article a book a script. I mean a g and I both wrote Our Own scripts and then with my show I was looking for a showrunner to help me write this pilot for a family Latino comedy that I want to write. I just ended writing it myself life. That's why we call the scrappy heart cuz we when we got the job for glow we didn't even know how to write a comic book. We literally YouTube how to write a comic book and like DIY like we're total DIY.

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