Being Customer Driven With Data-Driven Marketing


Welcome to marketing trends I mean phase on host of marketing trends, and today we are joined by special guests Marty. How are you? I'm good I. Doing it is great to have you. I'm really excited to talk to you today. Obviously, we love salesforce and and you're the amazing sponsor the show. But beyond that you've been doing some amazing work. You're writing a book that's going to be out soon, called customer driven, and we're GONNA talk a lot about data, which is at the at the top of mind for every marketer. Before we get into all that, how did you get started marketing? That's a good question. I've had a very strange career in I have a hard time explaining it to my mother. But when I look back realized started wanting to be a journalist New York and ninety s writing for magazines back when there were magazines and it seemed like a viable career and I ended up at MTV networks on a show called video. And wrote the little bubbles blurbs, which is the the peak of my journalists experience, and then after that I went into to business school, I wanted to management consultant probably the only person at the time we want to be one and I thought it would be glamorous and sexy to be a media consultant and then the dot com bomb happened two thousand and one, and so I ended up over. Counter the healthcare over over the counter healthcare consulting, which is just what it sounds like and then I ended up at an AD agency doing direct marketing and measurement, and that was kind of the beginning of my marketing advertising career and it was through consulting. It was sort of it was strategic engagements and the career was actually called measurement. I pick all these glamorous wants the measurement was basically impact. of Ad campaigns and it was dumb you know digital campaigns how did they do look at search and display and so on and I was in that field for about ten years and then I, went to garner as an industry analyst covering advertising technology and marketing technology and measurements. Still now, it will be called data science. By the way, I would get a retroactive promotion and then I joined salesforce. About two years ago. So it's always been on the MARCECA and an analytic side in interestingly enough in the beginning that was not the sexy part of marketing and now it is, of course, if you're the the data scientists on the campaign, you're the coolest person there but it was the exact opposite twenty years ago. So I've I've written the wave up. Yeah. The closest closest person to to proof. Of, being ends up being the most valuable person room I do I'm Gonna I'm GonNa follow up on the pop up video stuff because I'm endlessly fascinated in that but flash forward to today. What does it mean to Espn Strategy for Marketing Cloud salesforce? It's. It's an interesting job at spans product management product marketing, and with the flavor of thought leadership I think when I was hired, which was two years ago it was around a specific problem it was and it was into the product organization. Software companies are structured with pretty defined role. So you're in either in product management, which is sort of halfway between engineering and marketing or your product marketing, which is what it sounds like you're in sales or you're an engineer so there for basic rules and this is close. To, product management and the question was around the customer data platform category CD, which was the hottest and is probably still the hottest category and March tack that's come along in a long time since two thousand and sixteen. It's just been hyped out of out of control kind of like insider hype. If you're in the business, you know what I'm talking about. If you're outside, you'd be like what? What's a CD, but it's it's a big deal and the question at salesforce was do we have one? Should we acquire? It was billed by require that kind of thing, and they needed someone from the outside who wasn't sort of inside the the salesforce system having come as a as an analyst industry analyst who knew the industry and a new kind of outsider perspective to say it what is what I need to Dan I knew coming in that we needed to build queries harder than it looks to build something, and that's what we've done. In fact we're launching that in next month version wants it's a tremendously major effort on. As, part to pivot engineers and to develop this net new product customer three sixty audiences, which is a CPA and in fact, the topic of our book customer driven I, wrote it with my colleague Chris O'hara to give him full credit, the multi-talented era he and I wrote this book about Customer Data Platforms it's not about salesforce, but it is about this category, which is fascinating. Yeah I mean. Will we've seen you name it start-up getting snatched up data startups getting snatched up right and left being acquired. Just recently had some massive. IPO's around data companies. I mean, clearly, data is where it's not the new oil and it's not the new oil because that phrase literally never made sense but. But it is the lifeline of every marketer, and if you don't have an extremely strong philosophy and data, you're probably going to be left really far behind, which is pretty counter to the days of marketers creating you know add copying doing some of the things you were doing earlier in your career specifically around ad agencies and things like that I. mean you know going from that agency or from agency to to analyst to here on curious like what is that evolution been like for you? It's I mean, it's it's Bi modal. It's by modal is even to saying that kind of makes me a nerd, but it's a left brain right brain and and it's definitely I do this presentation sometimes say. How has marketing changed over the past twenty years as as a discipline and I remember when I was in business school as I said is right before the DOT com Bob's of two, thousand, two, thousand and one in Colombia and you could tell the people are interested in marketing back. Then just by looking at them, they were like slightly better looking. You know they dress better and they were you know I wouldn't say the social skills were definitely better. They were less interested in making money march sin hanging around with celebrities and I. I mean I'm being reductive in a way. I was one of them. So I can say this, but it was definitely a kind of a branch of show business. And today it really isn't. I mean that part hasn't gone away obviously of influencers, the celebrities if fonts and all that stuff but it's a lot less around the big campaigns and what we might call the softer side of marketing, and it's a lot more about the the foundational data layer and you have to be able to talk today to scientists give them credible instructions and you have to be able to understand things like statistical significance that marketers didn't have to worry about in the past. So I think it's it's a profession that has really Shifted, but it hasn't really shed what it was the past. So it's it's that it makes it interesting, but it also makes it very difficult to succeed in as a CMO. You see a CMO tenures being very short and it's because they have to be a statistician and an artist, and there aren't that many people could do both. So you know it's the long way round for. Saying that my background is is strangely appropriate because I was like in TV and then I was in business school, and so if you have those two elements I, think you can negotiate this strange new world It's moving more towards the data side than the graveside I would say, but we might we might see swing

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