#475 - Claimer to Gamer

In The Gate


The date was August twenty fifth two, thousand, twelve, the travers stakes at Saratoga the midsummer derby the favourite that day was the Godolphin owned Alpha who would one the tracks local prep the Jim Dandy a month earlier and had hall of fame writer John Velazquez aboard very few counted on thirty three to one longshot golden ticket ridden by the successful but. Low Profile David Cohen and AL comes up on the fire outside charging after that lead and down on the inside. It's golden ticket golden ticket. What huge upset chance here with one for long ago Alpers a full out second alpha catch golden ticket golden ticket ALPA. Here's the wire does our it's too close to call good output that knows on the wire. Ahead of Golden, ticket was desperately close. It's dead he gonNA travers. Dad Heat. That remains the only day, the heat, and the one hundred, fifty, one runnings of the travers and it cemented David Cohen as a writer. Worthy of the big moment he'd finished sixth in the country wins in two, thousand nine and consistently finished second in wins at New York racing tracks to eventual hall of Famer Ramon Dominguez. Cohen won riding titles in the mid Atlantic at parks and Delaware. Park. But in February of two thousand, fourteen David Cohen fractured both bones in his lower right leg when a horse named recoup reared up and kicked Cohen as he was about to mount the Horse in the paddock and acqueduct a steel plate, five screws and nine months later, Cohen came back for two weeks. The next time he'd be seen at a race track would be three years later in two thousand seventeen Coen's been hoping to recapture the success. He enjoyed a decade or so ago and nothing breeds hope quite like a promising two year old in the Breeders Cup Juvenile Hill ride keep me in mind we have David Cohen our minds as well as on the show as we welcome him for the first time here to win the gate. Let's start with. Keep me in mind he's run twice September a Churchill and then the claiborne breeders futurity he finished second in each of them. So he still technically a maiden, how do you think he handled the jump up to grade one company? You keep me in mind. He was shown a lot of promise before he ever ran his first time out. And we were a couple of works away. Wish we had a couple more works into 'em because happy with him. Being able to show that he can get the distance first time out pretty tough on on a young horse. And obviously, we saw enough for him to run them into integrated one as a maiden. On my still think there's some improving needed and he hasn't reached his full potential yet. So I definitely think if he can move forward which. He showed that he moved forward author his first start so he can continue to to progress like he did. Between those two I think he'll definitely put himself very capable of getting the job done. How about your personal jump up to grade one company. So to speak and you've written in several stakes this year winning the grade three. Lake, George at Saratoga aboard selflessly. But after all that you've been through which will get to in a minute how did it feel to have a real chance in the stretch to win a grade one race? Yeah I it's hard to. Really explain every racist pretty much the same whether it's a a low level, claimer or one. You really just focus on your mouth and the way the race sets up for a high end races. The same thing as a low lower level claimer but nothing to take away from obviously wouldn't a grade one at Qinglin and Briscoe winning your in type of race obviously is. This time of year what every wants to do. So for me, I was just very proud of my horse that he did show up and do what I initially thought of him early on before him ever starting. So it's nice when the horses don't make a liar out of you. When you return to racing in two thousand seventeen even after the success you had in New York in the early part of the decade. How long did it take before trainer started calling on you again regularly. In I was really blessed. Truly. I was out for three plus years due to injury and some personal things that happened in my family lost my father and my sister, and so that kind of prolonged my return but I was blessed I constantly trainers and owners check in with me and. As soon as I was ready mentally to get back in the game and. Start to ride again, the people that were there to support me prior and even other people that I never ridden for were very willing to give me their support in their opportunity, but the owners and trainers. We touched in our open about the physical problems. You face the broken leg from the aqueduct panicked accident, and then you just touched on the emotional issues that developed just take us through that a little bit. Yeah you know the it's one thing to overcome a physical injury that that time heals and and that's it. Comes to you know my father and I we were best friends and everyone that knew us you know we were he was an owner breeder for thirty, five forty years. So here's the reason why I got into the had opportunity to get into this business in this game. So, it was very tough for me. To get injured lose the you know stop reading then lose my father and then about a year later. the closest one in my family immediate family would be my sister and for to lose her, you know kind of everything I. Guess they say things happen in threes and that's about pretty much exacting that happened to me. So for me, it wasn't a matter of. Coming back. From physical accident I was already healed emended I wanted to come back and returned strong mentally I did not want to ask for support. Where these a grooms and hot walkers and exercise riders assistant trainers strain everybody from the ground up puts in a lot of hard work. Day In day out and I wasn't GonNa ask for that opportunity and you know put people's livelihoods in my hands. If I didn't feel that I was not a hundred percent mentally ready and I wanted to make sure when

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