Harry and Meghan open up about mental health challenges


Low everyone and welcome back to the airport. I'm your host scope between. Being comparable mattress. Somewhere on the. Back he just returned from Gibraltar. I did have you ever been Have Cousins Gibraltar I'm hearing we great place haven't been in a while I certainly haven't been lucky enough to head anywhere sees okay. Fair enough. Well, it is a fascinating place and four friends back in the states like myself that maybe weren't as aware about Gibraltar's British territory on the southernmost tip of Spain and it is tiny like two and a half square miles it is so small. But what's interesting is I went to a cave in Gibraltar that the Queen had visited. And I believe Oh shoot it was like one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty was the last time she was there. Was a while ago. Yeah that was a royalty. Bearing. Check my facts now. Sixty two. My Gosh it was even further back fifty took note I just googled it nineteen fifty four and they're actually images Prince Charles and Princess Anne fee feeding the barbary Apes. Rosie. They're the only primates in all of Europe or only living onto Peralta, rock. Gosh I can't believe there's photos of then that's amazing. History and in fact, it's The Royal Family continues to be very popular there even. She had. Read them orders to patrol to which is very interesting. People are very proud to be British there and we were there for a story for ABC about international weddings. It's an international weddings hot spot, and especially under pandemic couples that have been separated, go to Gibraltar to get married and their wedding certificates are then ballots they can finally see each other so. It was so romantic and I took a photo that all the weddings that happened in the registrar's office. There's a huge portrait of the Queen that overlooks everything wedding that happens there. So all these people that get married have a very large portrait of the Queen and every single wedding photo of them on their wedding day I love that dozens of Americans flying into. wedging witness married under the watchful eye. Let's. Actually had quite a royal week then interesting. Well, you know it's been a I. Think What's interesting about that story as it sort of looking at how it is sort of affected. and Industry because, of course, tourism is a big part of the Gibraltar. Landscape and the revenue that's made there I think that they can still continued. For talk so much meaning is really special. Later in the show, I'm going to be having a special chats with four friends in California from the same high school that get together once a week to record a podcast teenager therapy sharing some of them is private struggles for the for the world and for many to relate to it's an incredible podcast. It's a lot of attention including a huge profile and the New York Times more interestingly certainly for this podcast, they collaborated with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for very special episode. Last week, it was a chance Harry Meghan. Penalty about the importance of prioritizing our emotional wellbeing for Megan to speak about some of the experiences she had received as hand in the online space and just dealing with being targeted by trolls bullies. So stick around for that. But before we get to that we've had the Cambridge, is very busy this week the paradigm courts up on the eve of the anniversary of their royal tour of. Pakistan. By checking tool is ations that they've met with one being the Islamabad Model College for girls and the other being the SOS children's village in Lahore. Now, this was a chance for the couples really catch up and see how the effects of the pandemic has affected the way in which these tools ations operate particularly the model college for Girls. Because, of course, they haven't been able to conduct. The classes and the lectures in the same way that they'd had before. So by Zoom William and Kate caught up with the school but most interestingly, they had a little game of pictionary. Magic of technology where William and kate shared some of their skills in the game.

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