Los Angeles - Compton Launches Largest Universal Basic Income Program In The Nation


Is going to start basic income guaranteed basic income for the residents. The Compton pledges that's being called is reportedly funded to the tune of $2.5 Million by a variety of charitable foundations. Tamara Hainer, the program's director, says those will be getting a basic income check of several 100 to $1000 a month will be checked out to ensure their Compton residents and will be an ongoing effort to track the spending done with the income research and other cities with similar programs have shown Money goes to high priority items to the family budget food for their kids being able to pay rent being able to pay their monthly carpet. That's where the money generally goes for family that is foreign away. What we're seeing the program's expected the last two years and data will then be shared with other cities across the US have shown an interest in a guarantee Basic income program.

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