Boston News Anchor Says Appearing in Adam Sandler’s ‘Hubie Halloween’ Got Her Fired


A Boston news anchor named Joe Pinto was fired by the station she works for W.. H.. T. H. T. V. for making a cameo Adam sandlers horror comedy Huby Halloween. Halloween haven't seen it. I don't really know. Yes. So looks terrible. So she lost her job. Says because she mistakenly violated her contract by saying Oh. Yeah. I'll be the news anchor for a small part in this movie. Welcome back you're watching her parents in the movie and it's October thirty first, which is a special day across the country. But most especially in Salem America's on official Halloween capital and it's going to be was dressed up as Harley Quinn wake up. And for whatever reason she got fired because she wasn't supposed to be like appearing in movies or something, but that's so stupid. Isn't that Zach? Yeah my now wouldn't that do nothing but help give you a little bit of publicity I thought the same thing.

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