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To Wisconsin to swing states now and play. Democratic rival Joe Biden campaigned in two cities in Michigan yesterday and has no scheduled campaign appearances today. Women's rights activists marched in Washington, D. C and around the country today in opposition to President Trump Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Cockney Barrett as NPR's Sarah McCammon reports. Marches were as much a get out the vote rally as a protest. Barring some surprise, Senate Republicans have the votes to push through. Judge Barrett Supreme Court confirmation before Election Day. Progressive activists are using the moment to remind Democratic voters to turn out for the November election, hears Jenny Lawson of Planned Parenthood Votes speaking in Washington, D C. It is not hyperbole to say that everything is on the line this November. We cannot afford four more years of this administration, attacking our access to reproductive healthcare and writes wearing masks. Thousands of demonstrators marched to the National Mall outside the Supreme Court, anti abortion rights activists and other groups demonstrated in support of Judge Barrett. Sarah McCammon. NPR NEWS Washington A representative for the European Union's drug regulation Agency suggests the block should re negotiate his contract with the manufacturer of Corona virus treatment after it showed poor results in a large trial. Sorry, Schultz reports the block just signed a deal with Gilead Sciences worth more than a billion dollars for the drug rendez severe. Just a

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