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Today we have a guest that iconic doesn't even begin to describe it I feel like we have to get into this. Yeah. I. Mean as per usual who wants to hear from you and I were disgusting trolls we have to. Fight. The woman who is here today? It's potentially going to change all that today. No promises, but baby. Today we have on the editor in chief that's e I see. Okay. That's industry slain of Allure magazine. Honey it's Michelle. Lee. You guys this is Michelle welcome to the show I am so starstruck grew up reading magazines on Friday nights. So the fact that I'm speaking to an actual editor in chief I just I'm like Holy Shit like she's she knows it all she has I'm so cluttered what an introduction and I don't want against her up too much. But please if I may gas a little more. This woman the. Incomparable Michelle Lee. Has worked at some of your favorite magazines not only are you the editor in chief of a law, which is like unbelievable I'm salivating I have. I'm Fan girling your editor in chief of nylon correct I was I was that was my job right before Lor and for that you've worked for Britain for like a million zillion different publications glamour you are on the founding team of I want to say COSMO Girl Yep. Yeah. Do you remember Cosmo girl? Do I S- I was the third higher at Cosmo girl. We created the sticker is we did the whole thing. So no innovative remember what magazines used to have stickers. I just thought about member lucky I mean, of course, Michelle, you remember Lucky magazine of course, the stickers I love serious by it. It was like they had like three options. It was like I think about it don't buy. Could you imagine like going through your magazine and being like I'm not going to buy that can put a sticker next to it. That sounds so fun. Anyway Michelle. You've seen it all you've written for it all and you know so much about beauty and we're so honored to have you on our show. Well, I am so honored also because I am a gloomy I'm a huge fan I seriously has done a whole marathon literally almost every single episode and I could listened I talk about you guys all the time I do like in the office attack about you to other people I'm obsessed I'm also. So embarrassed of all the things united me right now so Let. On, sorry yeah. Learn a lot about La 'cause I don't know that much about L. A. Things. So like Erawan, I feel like I've learned so much about oat milk from you guys. You would think there's not that much to learn when it comes to oats and water mixed together but. Lord knows Esther and I. Found the crevices and like some. A lot of stuff to talk about when it comes to. You wouldn't gosh I'm fan growing and I'm embarrassed I mean Michelle you know too much about ministers bodies. That my worst. About. Yeah. I I'm speechless. We had to make good use of this time her okay. So Let's just start by talking about. Your instagram which I really recommend everyone go follow I. Believe it's Hey. Michelle Li Yep. Your instagram is a treasure trove of so much stuff your interests when it comes to beauty or far-ranging particularly I, feel like what? I think of Michelle, Lee think of nail art and ask for. Today was staring at your nail since meeting. Oh good podcastone. SURPRI-? I'm so genuinely minor Kinda. Jenky like don't look through closer little crumbly idea your on. Let me say I who I do my own nails. You'll notice. They, look cute Think-i esters. Got Some. Cutie I do I started doing at sea press on meals? And I'm a I'm enjoying myself I'll say, Oh, you know I did press on nails for the first time recently Chill House No Chill House released on. It's very cool salon in New York. City, and they have I think they used to have two locations there now down to one and they just made these very cool press but they're very like a lot of the nail art that I have my instagram. They have as well because I get my nails there quite a bit but they're cute cute like really minimalist. Designs. Oh. I. Love that one you posted of the Purple Marble yes. That video is so cool. Yeah. I. It's like I do a lot of reposting of other nail artists to and I went down this rabbit hole of Russian. Nail artists are next level like the way that they do marble nails and other things. It's just like stuff you've never seen before.

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