Miami Marlins, Jeter Part With Exec Michael Hill After 19 Seasons


So I don't know what the hell the marlins did over the weekend because they seem to have their first good since what two, thousand three and we were all wondering what Michael Hill was doing still with that job early on in that regime, and now they finally have a good season and they don't bring him back now he's not technically fired his contract expired. They're not renewing it for people who don't know. Michael. Is the GM for the Miami Marlins and what are you guys billy what do we make of this? Like what is doing here where we finally have a good season and then we get rid of Michael. Hill I mean I think before the season no one would have been surprised if Michael, Hill, wasn't there at the end of the season his contract was expiring. You wasn't part of this regime. person they inherited kept. So they you know made them an offer they couldn't come to an agreement and that's it. Now, they'll bring in their own person and that'll be that they did actually make an offer that well. Let me give you some clarification on this because David. Samson. Actually talked to Mike Ryan during during the segment that they do that is always informative and he if you were listening to that actually. What happened is exactly what he said was going to happen which is the Marlins were going to make him You know I'm using this term figurative figuratively, but also literally a token offer because he's one of two black executives in the league with that kind of power it's one of the reasons that he was still there even as they gutted the entire franchise because it wouldn't have looked good and quietly during twenty twenty after a playoff season. They needed to look like he turned down the job. So David Sampson said it was an embarrassing. He predicted an embarrassingly low offer that Michael Hill couldn't accept and that would he would have to walk away from and so what they said in the press release is mutual parting of ways.

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