Ashlee Simpson Gives Birth to a BABY BOY with Evan Ross


Simpson Ross in the news gave birth over the weekend to a son named Ziggy Blew husband is named Evan Ross shares your baby with her husband. Obviously 10 29 2020. Ziggy blew Ross. Actually robots at a photo of the baby Our sweet boy has arrived. I'm over the moon. We were so blessed by the way Did you see the moon over the weekend? Big closest to the Earth now blues? Yeah, yeah, yeah, very heavy. The newest addition to the Ross family, sharing his birthday with his black Ishtar. Tracy Ellis Ross, who turned 48 on the 29th baby, Ziggy joins big sister, four year old Jager. Kabul was married 2014. They're expecting their second child, they said Back in April. She also shares the South Bronx with their ex husbands. So

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