A Prayer of the Afflicted


Thank you Jesus. And it's so good to see everyone here today. If you are able to wouldn't mind standing for the reading of the word of the Lord this morning. I am reading from 102 verse number one Psalm 102. I want to point out that's not all versions carry this first part and yet it is there nonetheless a prayer of The Afflicted a prayer of The Afflicted when he is overwhelmed and pours out his complaint before the Lord. That's an interesting statement. It's a prayer of The Afflicted when he is overwhelmed and pours out his complaint before the Lord and here is the prayer hear my prayer. Oh Lord. Please let my cry come to you hear my prayer and let my cry come to you from this. I would like to talk to you about. This subject that I have simply entitled a prayer of The Afflicted when we prayed together Jesus. We love you. We we thank you for the blessing of the Lord for the goodness of God for the ministering of your spirit. And I pray right now that you will touch the hearts of all of the hearers of this message, whether they're here present in this building or online listening to this message them be blessed. Let them be encouraged feed them Lord God from your spirit from your word. I pray in Jesus Wonderful Name. Everyone said amen off you may be seated. Would you clap your hands one more time and magnify the Lord to give him the glory and all of the honor and the praise that he is worthy of what a great song. Mighty God we serve. Can you say men the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs Chapter twenty-five and Versa a number eleven that it is like apples of gold in San Jose. Of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances a word that is spoken at the right time under the right circumstances are like apples of go off and settle settings of silver. So it is in the circumstances of tragedy and the circumstances of hardship and the circumstances of difficulty that we all face off every one of us face them many of us while I'm speaking are facing Untold difficulties and hardships in life. They vary from perhaps marital problems to Children problems to work problems to health problems. We could go on and on talking about the difficulties that we face and yet the Bible says a word that is spoken in those circumstances can be like apples of gold in settings of silver and the only way to speak those words to somebody were dead. Apples of gold or or in settings of silver there's to say something like I know how you feel. The problem is I can't really know how someone feels unless you've been where they are. Amen. How comforting is it to be going through a difficult circumstance chance and have someone walk up to you that has experienced what you are currently experiencing and can give you advice and counsel and encouragement to get through what would otherwise be an impossible and difficult time when you say I know how you feel to a friend who has recently diagnosed with cancer and you have been through it off. You've overcome it you battled it and you've won people want to go to you that are battling that they want to hear your story. They want to feel your encouragement and when you say I know how you feel to them. One who's battling say depression because you yourself have battled depression and have been there many times. I want to hear from somebody who's going through what I'm going through and can tell me how to get through it like apples of gold in setting a silver. In other words. We need to change how we think about what we're going through why well simple because oftentimes when we're going through trying circumstances be they physical mental emotional or what-have-you. We tend to self focus we tend to begin to wonder. How am I going to get through this? What am I going to do about this? How will I handle this? What can I do? I feel this way. I feel that way cuz you ever stopped to think. That you could be going through what you're going through because somebody behind you is going to be going through what you're going through and God wants to use you to help them. Think about that for a minute. That's a different Twist on a problem. Isn't it? Perhaps I'm going through this so that I can help someone behind me go through Thursday later because surely somebody's going to go through what I'm currently going through if you can focus like that and begin to think like that it can transform your walk it can transform living for God can transform your outlook on life that what you're going through is in order to help somebody behind you and so seek the Lord to get the kind of help you need off and when a person is suffering and they read Psalm 102, which we're going to go through not all today. We're not going to get through at all today. I tell you I had a message on my heart that I had been working on Thursday. All week long and last night. I just couldn't connect with it in my spirit and I felt the Lord on the junction of the Lord encouraged me to go in a different direction. I came and finally fell upon Psalm 102 and I said this is it got to talk about this. I have no clue where I'm going to go from here. I don't know. All I know is today off. Here we go. Can you say Amen? We are living in the midst of technology that is around us mind-boggling all that's going on in our world today and yet we can still identify them with the prayer of a man centuries ago

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