Amancaya Reserve Red Blend 2017 Review


And did it from cheap wine platter. Tom again with another line review that we just rode up. I need cheap wine fighter website, Unless one is kind of interesting. It's called the mayor Reserve read a 72% Malbec 28% off on from Mendoza in Argentina. And this one's party trick is that the name of the winery is a Bluegrass took it off and it is a joint effort between the main veterans de Rothschild left feet from where don't and Nicholas cantina song Argentina and both of these folks have been in the wine business since the eighteen hundreds. So it's two prestigious families run France won our genome. Let me together to make it a a wine here and this is their upscale affordable. You're going to find this between maybe we're about $18 a couple of bucks either way. And it's a really solidly made wine and there's an interesting story. I'm going to kind of slip in here about the combination of bald back there something wrong. Then the 18000s Bombeck was a one of the main grapes Bordeaux along with nowadays. It's Jose Murillo and Cabernet Franc and proceed Ford. Oh and I forgot what the other ones are. They're just little blending grapes, but flokstra, which a little pests and diseases vintage after vintage off just to make crafts this Whenever Wherever they'd lose whole vintagers, but they actually went to yaohan Spain just too which didn't have the problems just to secure wines down there and not improve their cuz back then a little more rustic but all the real has now one of the leading wine regions in the world, but back then France went down there to get wind down. Dump for all the stuff they were losing and it got to the point where the moderate group had so many bad Visions year after year that they quit growing up. So it's kind of like a lost group of Bordeaux and turns out if the DNA tests that you know, cuz they thought well, it's gone for good. There is still Malbec and France cahors areas in the south of France still a huge buyback region. It turns out that sometimes somewhere someone sent all that great Direction chain has been rioting in there. So Cabernet Sauvignon and mulberry and this is basically the grandkids of the Bordeaux Malbec were always meant to go together. So this is actually a really, really really kind of cool line. It's it's a you know, it's something that should have been a long time ago and as a couple a hundred years where it didn't happen except in my class right now, I'm taking a sip It's a really well-made Linus think it's ninety plus points and all the wine magazines every year and it's just got this really nice balanced a seamless. It's got a lot of flavor flavors don't go too overboard. You can tell French but it's a little bit, you know, a lot of french fries are kind of sweet, but there's some good food here the Scat Pack, you know, it doesn't just not all Just Bounce just labor too. That's pretty nice. Yeah. That's your taste. Great. What else is there? Oh, it's a 50% in Oak barrels when they age it and the other fifty percent is cement vast and you're asking yourself for a concrete. That's I think is the right word. Why would they put it in concrete? That's that sounds kind of brutal, but it turns out that the thickness of the side walls of the concrete on the bottom and then they put on top this picking up that The Lion King. Side is fairly stable line when it changes loves to have constant temperature and humidity a stainless steel vent has been well as it's supposed line is clean, but you're not going to get the the the the the protection from the temperature changes. Everything else Oak barrels are great, but using them for thousands of years, but then again those Big Flats of the oak only do so much concrete gotta put some wine where it needs to be. So you're going to see more than that. Can I am actually works in this to this wine? Taste r a i mean it's it's you know, usually what 90.1 is I don't understand why someone likes us so much. You know, this one is like yeah, it's one of those ones that are so good that it doesn't take an expert to tell you that you know go. I think anyone that takes good to you is I wanted to taste good you don't need an expert but yeah this great-tasting wage. The Malbec and the Cabernet Sauvignon just dance together and they'd go ask this flavors as long as lean as flavorful tannins the other way and it's it's not good. So keep Ur cheap the next one and I'll talk to everybody a little bit adios.

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