The Best Tactic to Turn Your Break-Through Moment Into a Full Career | A GaryVee TV Classic


In the morning because you want the so bad and this is your moment another. Dm another another em another dm. When do you know when you finally broke through. You got your hit. When do you know when it's time for the next one. I think it's i think what what a lot of people make a mistake on is they. Don't squeeze the first hit enough. Yeah i almost did that. I got to one hundred thousand plays in gaza fucking hold back in which see how long this goes to me to me. It's about making sure you pop off on every other platform right now. I'm trying to make sure people that win on tiktok realizes. Forget about the you know yesterday. Executive order forty five days to sell. We'll see if it lands at microsoft where it goes. You know that those are things. We can't control the things we can control his. When that song pops off you could have sat down and went to eight thousand. And i'm not kidding. When i say this number because i lived in two thousand eleven twitter you know you could have gone to eight thousand. Youtubers sent him a message on youtube with the link to rolling stones with the link to the streams with the linked to your tiktok and be like yo. You know if there's anything i can ever do for you. I admire your success on this platform. All you need is one of those people to put the song into their blog and that boom that like to me. It's like keep pushing right like taking all that tiktok energy right. If you look at someone. Like charlie demilio who rose to the tippy top of tiktok. You know she was also able to cross pollinate on youtube and twitter and instagram. And so i wanna make sure that you are taking that energy and using it to take that audience and take them on a journey with you in the four to five other places where you live and more importantly reaching out to other places that can amplify the heat that you got on this one song. Think about a hit song an artist that was already mainstream. They're playing in squeezing that song for like an eighteen month period. You know how sometimes you put on. Like the grammys in the background and somebody's like performing and song. That's two years old the yeah. Yeah so when you're when you're spreading out this content do you think that it's really important to share content that is for that platform or do you think that like i think it's i need yes. You need to be content. And i always talk about that. I'm gonna different place altogether. I'm saying when you have something hit you spend all your time trying to amplify that so like it's almost like taking that original video that hit and then literally reaching out to all seven thousand websites that are like covering pop culture and hitting the bottom of like news at buzz. News dot com. And you see this. Like like hit happens after four years of grinding and bleeding for the hit. Ironically you gotta go harder for the next four months a lot of people see it and like we made it right and it's amazing and i'm like no no no no no now like stay in a cocoon of eighteen hours a day just hitting up literally everybody literally. Mac make every single platform ban you or stop you from for an hour to pause because they think you're spamming because all you wanna do is make more people aware of it makes sense. What do you think how much of that should be organic. And how much should i be. Promotion like paid i again. I think you're thinking about the audience. And i'm talking about business development. Oh okay gotta. I'm talking about you sitting down and your crew and literally e mailing the editor of every gossip music like like pop culture you want. I'm talking about literally. Going to youtube and literally sending a message to eight thousand bloggers and saying we give us this song in your next video. Let me know and having thirteen of them. Say yes because only ninety eight of even open the message knowing that your messaging for twelve hours okay. Two thousand eleven to two thousand. Excuse me two thousand seven. Two thousand eleven. I spent twelve thirteen hours a day. Get hitting up people to be aware of wine library tv replying to every single tweet. It was all about distribution but but strategic business development distribution not organic. I'm going to post this roman to run ads. No no. I'm going to try to get other like you gotta hit a king batch. It'd be like you see this. Yeah this context is not just like a like ren guy with maybe a song. I have all this other editorials. That's probably have three links. The original tiktok the spotify streamer soundcloud and the rolling stones article. It's if you write batch like batch of vine. I have a lot of respect for you.

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