Bucks developers convert Quakertown trolley barn into market with food, beverage offerings


Now to upper bucks counting developers have found a niche for a Quaker town project that used a historic landmark as its foundation, Ky. Double USE. Mark Abrams reports. The Trolley Barn public market just opened its doors a few weeks ago in this cove in 19 era, renovating the old industrial Trolley barn built in 18 97, the house, the local trolley that ran through the community. Chris LaBonge, one of the partners of the Trolley Barn, says the more than two years it took to put the project together have been worth it. We have multiple Use for coverage is we have Ah Brewery, a winery distillery, plus numerous different vendors for food and other beverages. LaBonge and his partner, Ian Jeffrey, say the market hasn't upscale field, but the prices aren't Jeffrey says. There's a hometown atmosphere to the market because it's done by two people who live in the community. You don't have to New York coming down and invested in this project and say, Hey, listen, this is the program put it together A B, C and D you never were. We are hands on every day they're trying to make it work, Marc Abrahams K Y. W

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