'Hollywood, The Sequel,' Episode 11:'Inside a Shifting Paradigm with Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, Casting Director David Rubin, Indie Filmmaker Ana Lydia Monaco'

The Frame


The. Weeks months after you know and I find that in a weird way. The possibility for storytelling around that is just emerging. You know Bat metabolize these and I don't know how this ECK storytelling I think it will but I doubt it's in the ways we catch. As for how the pandemic effects, the actual production of stories Goldsman sees that picture more clearly, I don't think that it can ever really go back to the way it used to the I think that. There are advantages that I have found for. Sure. I you know. Will. We ever really gets three five people together for production meeting. People. Actually typically are not working on side and they all have to drive. Virus outstandings like I think. Today. You just Kinda gotTA. Let them. You know you're saving the two hours to get to. So. I, think in some ways. It will help us I think the other thing I will be the other. The downside of that is it is yet again, another death of time between chains. Remember when we were young, there was all this time tween fix. You know you had to go from one place to inaugur you would walk there. You could even go out. Know, what your messages were talking about home and then. Suddenly. There was the car phones there wasn't really time, and then there was the out there's no time between because you can just zoom click to neck sube click him next of so I think that the empty time starts to badge more war. I think. There's a a natural human words company. towards a being in a room with each other and I. And even when it comes to the making things even in the thinking about in talking about things I think we'll still end up in writer's together. When we come back and casting director David. Rubin was credits include big little lies and game change. One of the great joys of the arts and Film and Television in particular is to hold a mirror up to society and all too often We've been holding up a funhouse mirror and not a realistic one, and we'll hear how one independent filmmaker is navigating the new onset safety protocols. Have you ever been loved. You know that highs is lowest of lows kind of love. That Deeb love. Well. That's Kinda. How I feel about La There's forty million people in southern California that remember how Kobe them feel we're GONNA BE? Okay. I'm Walter Thompson Hernandez host of the new podcast California love real stories about a complicated place. Available wherever you get your podcast have you ever thought I would be so rich right now if I'd only bought land in California, sixty years ago turns out. Lots of people have had that thought in for decades they've been sold nearly worthless desert land. I'm Emily Garin of the Elliot's Studios podcast California City and I'm inviting you to join me for a special virtual event with the Autry Museum.

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