In the Senate.


Republican Kelly Laughlin. Merrick is listening to Fox News. Warm this afternoon with clouds and sun. We're likely to crack 80 and a lot of places Then we'll turn out mostly cloudy tonight There may be a showers of drizzle of 62. Clouds, Fog Drizzle maybe even a shower tomorrow morning then clouds and sun for the afternoon. I 79 partly sunny Monday. I 77 from the Weather Center. I'm John Feerick's new brakes. New brakes. That's n you breaks dot com. You need him turn to new brakes. They are a mobile brake repair service. I am Vito. And when my wife's car needed new brakes, I turned to new brakes. Why? Because they're locally owned and operated. I'm doing as much as I can these days to support local Now that I've had my brakes repaired with new brakes. I will never turn to anyone else to

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