That's a lot of candles: Biden turns 78


Joe's birthday. Did you know that it's It's Joe Biden's birthday? He's 78 years young. I heard somebody say that last night with a straight face. He's 78 years young. We're gonna play some kind of like Colonial Williamsburg version of Happy Birthday of the Happy birthday song, you know. I think you think Joe Biden you think the happy birthday Song was around before Joe Biden Joe Biden before the Happy birthday song. I had to say we have to look that up. We might have to Google that or something. We'll duck duck go. It will take a search for that. But it is lunch bucket Joe's birthday. Somebody's gonna have to tell him probably repeatedly. They'll bring him a cupcake a cupcake with one candle in it and try to keep him from hurting himself. He has the Democrat Party is pick and he is their guy. They stuck with him. Given that No, they did that They did stick with him. It didn't swap him out. He didn't cut. It's not over yet. It could. You never know what's gonna happen next could turn into the movie, Dave. They've

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