Robert Patin On The Business System That Leads to Success


Nice guys community. So get this I'd love to start off this amazing episode in the words of a fan of today's guest. Rebecca. Patent has created an indispensable guide for how to create not only the business you want, but the life you want. So Robert is an authority on financing creative, Services Agency growth. He's the founder and managing partner of patent and associates a Los Angeles based Business Management and consultancy firm through his Council and coaching his clients have generated more. Than get this thirty, million dollars in additional revenue is the author of the number one international bestseller, the agency blueprint, the business system that leads to success I'm excited to have them here today welcome Robert to the Nice guys on business podcast like you so much. So happy to be here. Happy to have you here man appreciate your your level of expertise is I was reading some of the reviews. Unfortunately we do so many interviews they don't have a chance to really. Dive deep into many people's books, and yours was one that I just kept reading the Amazon like until they wouldn't let me let me take anymore pages. I'm like Oh this is good. This is good stuff. So congrats on right Milia a really good book that that means a lot to those that are in your community. Awesome. Thank you so much a so tell me I, WanNa start with this in case somebody realizing I. don't even know what an agency Is Can I want to start with a real one? I'M GONNA approach is a third grader for a moment and then we'll get into a little deeper conversation but what would be considered an agency for those that are listening in our entrepreneurial based community today. Sure. So I defined agency as a marketing agency that handles creative that handles strategy that handles public relations digital agency that a social media management, facebook ADS SEO graphic design, web design, and video production. Excellent excellent and for those that are in our community, how how would they know like what symptoms are they experiencing? If they know that they are running a business that instead of they're running the business, the business is running them 'cause I'm assuming oftentimes that's why they'll they'll come to talk to you if if they need some help with getting their arms around their agency. So typically, you'll see that the agency owner is working more than forty fifty hours a week They're spending the majority of time doing things that are in client service administrative work where they're not working on things that allow the business to grow. So the primary focus that I work with as far as executive coaching is on getting the business owner to be focused on everything to be on business growth. So, how do you get somebody out of their own way? Because oftentimes it is I'm looking at I have a podcast production business and we have give or take eleven or twelve people depending on the time of the time of the year that we we run our business, and I oftentimes find myself working in the business rather than the big pickers picture strategy because sometimes I'm dealing with the selling side of things or getting into the weeds when it comes to marketing or design of you know of a landing page and that's probably a big. No No, I just don't know how to get myself out of that and get out of the way I'm I'm assuming that many of our people in. Our community, our experience that experiencing that too. So what would be your advice other than? Hey, just kind of stopped doing that what's their first step? What do they need to do the? It's a lot of it is a mind shift shift change ride that you need to be thinking about in is the only person in the world that can do. This particular task, and if not, then it should be going through what I refer to as the threes do delegate or discard rights owed is this something that I should be doing because I'm the only person can if if not in someone else can than it should be delegated and if it's not worth being delegated than it's something that should be discarded. So, when did you discover that? This was your gift. When when you come down to it, weren't you where you one of your biggest offenders before you became the biggest advocate for what you do? Absolutely. So I had at one point in my business and I had reached a position of burnout. Right I was working ninety hours a week and had been doing that for multiple years and got to appoint. was starting to feel trapped in my own business and. I decided one weekend, sit down and actually just. Pen to paper, write down what I wanted my business life to look like what I wanted my life to look like and mapped out a plan to redesign my business to function to provide me with the life that I want still being able to grow the business and be able to have an impact, the same value and impact on the community that I have. But not having the level of stress that I was in and sacrificing my personal life and my personal goals for career.

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