More Cheap TVs for Black Friday?

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Prime days over Black Fridays around the corner but that doesn't mean the deals are over right. Amazon has already followed prime. Day with its holiday dash promotion promising continued great deals and other retailers haven't been shy about pitching promotions either. But when it does come to black Friday which is just six weeks away historically, no product is pushed harder than TV deals. Amazon says it sold a record setting number of TV's on Prime Day and you know what that means. You'll be seeing way more TV deals in the. COMING WEEKS But you gotta wonder how much cheaper could they be then? I mean, walk into a target best buy or some other big box retailer now, and you can't miss him rows of large forty, three inch and fifty and set selling for two twenty, five to three hundred dollars. Amazon best-sellers even after primed have the same kind of price tags and if you WANNA smaller thirty, two inch TV you're looking at around one hundred and fifty dollars. So wait a minute. How can a new TV sell for such a low figure when TVs to the right of these displays are usually offered for five hundred dollars to one thousand and even more. Well. Since most TV sales occur in the fourth quarter and you may be considering an upgrade real. Soon, let's explore the catch. What is it very simply cheap TV's don't have a picture that is good. Is the more expensive ones but. I don't think you care I. Don't think most people care I. Don't think most people would notice I would venture to guess that the talking tech listener watching a three hundred dollar would think it's a pretty good image certainly as good as. They saw years ago for eight hundred dollars. The thousand dollar sets are amazing but I'll settle for the three hundred dollars set. Do you spend the two and a quarter on one of these sets or wait a few weeks or black Friday? I don't think the prices are going to be any different on that level. On the mid range level they might be one, hundred, two, hundred dollars off which means get ready to stand in line get ready to camp out if they do that this year or have your finger ready to click that mouse on Friday morning or Thanksgiving evening let's see what best buy Walmart and target have in store for us. I can't wait what

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