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Into a corner and facing financial strains. President Donald Trump fights to defend his sagging reelection bid today in a state Republicans haven't lost in nearly three decades trumps campaigning in Florida and Georgia, neighboring southeastern states he carried four years ago and must win again to extend his presidency. He's trying to revive an old line of attack against Joe Biden, calling him and his son Hunter corrupt. Upon your secretary of state says the state Republican Party has removed its unstaffed unofficial ballot drop boxes the state officials had deemed illegal. The Supreme Court agrees to take up President Trump's policy blunt by lower courts to exclude people living in the United States illegally from the census count that will be used to allocate seats in the U. S. House of Representatives and the United States passes eight. Ilyin recorded corner Vibe. Ricks case is another unwelcome marked for the country with the most cases and the worst death toll from the global pandemic. Approaching 220,000 from Pacifica Radio KPFK in Berkeley KPFK in Los Angeles. This is the evening news on Mark Miracle. President Trump called the Bidens and organized crime family during an official event in Fort Myers, Florida today. Complaining that social media networks are limiting the sharing of an unsubstantiated New York Post newspaper story about Joe Biden's son, Hunter. Trump spoke at the official White House event ostensibly intended for him to deliver a speech about his agenda.

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