Montrose, O'hare And Bishop Ford Slow discussed on The Best of Ben Shapiro


Golf course were approved by the town Council on Friday, despite the objection of locals Dave Packer. ABC News. Good afternoon. Here's a look at traffic. The inbound even slows down around Cicero into Montrose 18 into the candy junction from like cooking the Kennedys 31 from O'Hare downtown 20 from Montrose. Outbound clear to the junction, 27 to O'Hare expressly to save two minutes out. Eisenhower is jammed solid inbound from Sacramento to Racine because of an earlier crash just under an hour from 3 92, the old post office 40 in from Wolves and 55, South bound. One lane is open between Gardner and Round 53. There's an overturned semi in their traffic. Up to road outbound Bishop Ford Slow around, Sibley, the right lanes closed, as is the entrance ramp from responsible for work until 5 a.m. Monday from the W S A. M a 90 traffic center down clipping with next update in 30 minutes morning. Why are we having fun today? We gotta be like everybody else in the media and insert fear into fear in the four letter for that controls the masses by hook or by crook, I hammer and sickle.

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