Coronavirus in France: Curfews to come into force in several cities


Let's begin here in Europe as cases of Corona virus continue to rise across the continent governments have been doling out new restrictions from a citywide curfew in Paris in seven other French cities to right here in London, which will move into high alert level on the traffic light system. That's already looking like a speed bump to progress a few short days after it was implemented earlier this week we. Heard from Mongols Health and science correspondent nets. Dr To Chris Smith and he explained why lockdowns may cub infection rates but are really in some sense just delaying the inevitable. I am skeptical and the reason I'm skeptical I think is an information deficit. I haven't actually seen the case made for. If we do this, this happens if we do this, this happens and this is how certain we are behind these numbers. Remember it's only a while ago. That someone said we're going to shop pubs at ten o'clock at night, and this is going to reduce cases. This is going to reduce transmission. Yes. It will reduce transmission in the pub but what models and maths equations don't foresee is the predictable unpredictability of people, which is they then go out of the pub in the street mass transmission out there are back to someone else's place mentality with a whole bunch of of takeout and far more. Transmissions in that setting. So I think on the one hand if you just the question would lockdown translate into fewer cases on say, yes. If you then the questions about differently, what are the long term repercussions of this does this actually translate into a long term difference in the trajectory difference in outcome well, more people die later, just not today those are the sorts of questions we need to see set out so that we can all be. In the decision making because at the moment is coming across as a bit of some some people with big brains of said this, and this is what we're gonNA do based on some other input from some economists and I don't think he's transparent enough and I think is now is critical more than ever to take the public along for the journey to because that is missing at the moment morale is falling support is wavering, and if we're GonNa make these things, work evidence proves to us we have to have everyone on board onside an all acting together decisively otherwise, we would just fiddling while Rome Burns.

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