OPR Health Insurance Lists Leslie Price As Employees Only In-Network Primary Care Provider

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Well folks says i mentioned at the top of the episode. I got myself into a sour little pickle on apparently double booked myself. So we're just going to switch gears here for a moment. This is dr. Leslie referred prices medical log as ordered by the american medical association and the great states of new york illinois california michigan and the lower forty six. Okay sending my nine thirty police margaret. Hello dr price house. What the hell no need to panic friend. That was just this year's flu shot. You are benjamin. Sorry benny nesper. Tom yes leslie. I work with you. Every day. i sit on the other side of the studio window. Well i know. Benny segment producer. But i have yet to have the pleasure of meeting. Benny go ahead and get undressed. Mr nesbitt wink wink. Yup all the way down. Dick please all right. No fun well. Let's just jump right in here. I don't have a scale. So i'm just going to pick you up real quick how i'll say between one fifty and three hundred. And what are you like six ten five seven. Oh hey no matter fellas like us. Let's just split the differencesince six four. Sorry when did you become a doc. Are you even. Dr depends on. Who's asking hop up. On this examination table police you see for the value dopey employees. Yes i am data. Dr d doctor. Actually i even have a jar lollipops. No blue ones though. Those are mine. Oh that reminds me. I'm supposed to ask. Do you have the basic. Opr primary care plan or one with a broken weird and misplaced bones. add on The first one is the only available. I think oh right. They cut dental because we all kept licking dirty fingers while they were in our mouths and he didn't like it. Now open your mouth but don't get any ideas. I mean unless you want to just to be clear song out Just to be clear. You doctor doctor right listen. You need an opr in network provider right. Will i work here in this building. At the opr radio network in network. See how that works simple. Plus you don't really have a choice. Because i'm the only doctor in your network but that's okay because you're totally covered with me. Okay it looks good gonna test your hearing now so please put these headphones on and slap your knee anytime you hear a tone by the way. I have a dual degree in broadcasting and medicine from the premier online school for trick. Bartending and yale iowa. Wow well i mean as long as you have a medical degree any day now okay take those off great job with that test by the way you're being such a good boy so tell me what brings you in. Today i got an email from. Hr thing that this was. The only day were allowed to use our health insurance. So i figured i'd get a checkup. All i could okay. And i see here you have a history of heart disease mental derangement and debilitating phobia of chapstick tubes. Being rolled really really high out of their basis until they stick to the roof of the cap pop themselves out. No no no shoot. that's That's another patient steal. Okay well between me you and hip. Let's pretend you didn't hear that now since you're a new patient i'm going to ask you a few more routine questions. Just slide over a smidge so we can make sure the levels are right wait. Have you been rolling on this sure. Well can you. Please turn the mike off. I wanna talk about something legally. No everything has to be on the record. You know as well as anyone how this works. Benny come on. So are you still at forty six twenty nine essex court. You can't just not bending its radio. Are you still at forty six thousand nine essex court yes and you live alone yes You should get a roommate. Oh let's see what else boring boring boring. Here's a good one. Are you sexually active. Yes well la de da ao k. Playboy our lack su- hefner. I'm just kidding lean forward. I'm just going to gently rub your back while you breathe that okay there you go re then nice and deep and out good And again okay. That should do it. Wow feel better big guy that part. That's was pretty soothing. And i find it soothing that you're the first patient who's lived through one of these appointments. It's like i've always said having your medical care tied to your employment is a good thing especially for me rewarding work. I'll tell you am i is. Is this blood leading. When did you all my god. We even coming from his. This gonna stop. None of i did it right off the bench watch. You're using all right. Wipe up some of this. Before my ten o'clock

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