Protests mount in Peru after president's impeachment


Martin Vizcarra on Monday has led to ever growing demonstrations. Mr Vizcarra was voted out of office by Congress accused of accepting bribes during a previous term. A state governor. He's been replaced by the head of the Peruvian Congress Manual Marina. He's made an appeal for calm. Mr. His car's supporters say Congress used the corruption allegations as a as a pretext to seize power five months before the next presidential election. I've been speaking to Peruvian investigative journalist Gustavo Gorriti. Person discovered was declared morally impaired on perpetual basis. The reason that was ostensibly taken is that in the course of the widespread investigation, some leaders and industry leaders also Off the lava Giotto case in Peru on Off the department off, Okay, We're in the south of Peru, but they were in the initial stages off investigation. There are not even formalized such a decisive course of action. Was taken by Congress in which about 50% have problems with prosecutors as well. Discoverer had only nine volts of heads on and with general elections in the mist, so they didn't have any real reason to between. Because there was an investigation going on in the proper way with the prosecutor's office on I think they wanted to prevent what would happen in inter solutions on do. They also work this subject off some investigations related to the lab. A gentle case on what they really wanted was to have power and to be able to disperse the prosecutor's team and all the rest. They've tried this before. Haven't made to try to get rid off Mr Fiske. Carla, that is correct. Try that. In September, they were close to shitting the majority. Now they were trying to get votes and half made lots and lots of promises among the different groups on now, you see that that sort of coalition is dissembling. Many of those are both for the impeachment are saying that they won't give a vote of confidence to the new Cabinet that has been put together. But it was important thing is that people understood perfectly. What was behind that. I'm the kind of mass protest rallies, marches, mobilization demonstrations that you have seen around has no president after the kind of massive mobilizations that brought about the authoritarian government of Alberto Fujimori in the year, 2000 And I would say that in some respects they're mobilized even higher numbers of people. What the the country why demonstrations toe two days ago were unprecedented in Lima. The police reacted with brutality, but it didn't deter the demonstrators. And those who've taken to the streets. What What do they want? They want the president to be reinstated to. They are not explicit about that. They are very explicit, very clear about wanted these people out of government what would be the solution afterwards? A couple of solutions have been trade out. The most logical one could be to reinstate Mr Reese, Kara and half his term and in the normal way next July. He would have a month off government again a general election to supervise and carry out And then the other most important thing. True continue the country wide mobilization and actions against the covet against the pandemic on to prevent a second way as the one that is bringing so much havoc in Europe. And if that happened in Europe, if it good come now to Peru, and you have to understand with with all this mass demonstrations in the streets and on that the percentage of contagion would grow tremendously. But it would be devastating toe Peru infections are likely to

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