Especially at the Masters, it feels like



Shot. The other thing I love about the masters and we're getting to the point now where this is going to expire, and we're certainly midway by tomorrow. But it always opens the door for some of the old guys to come back and play and compete. I'm watching Bernard along her plane today, right? And you know, most guys with that where he was hitting from they have I forget which hold? I think it was number six. I think I think But it was, you know, a bunker and the pins, But you gotta you gotta fly the ball. If you have something on the line, If you're lucky enough to even get over the bunker, it's going to skip right off the green because he's got no trajectory toward he did with it. You can't you can't play that way. But when you're hitting a five iron as he was On D was actually short in the bunker. He's played a different course. Yeah, of course I'm watching him. I'm watching everyone 80 like 80 something it was 1 85. It was a five by one. That's exactly what it was.

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