DOC NYC documentary film festival goes online


It's time for our documentary of the wake from Tom Powers and Raphael in a house in the co founders of the DOC NYC Festival, which is currently taking place online until next Thursday with over 100 feature length films. Here's Tom, with a pick from the festival somewhere are ready. The greatness of America is the right toe protest far right? Day. Martin Luther King Jr is widely regarded as a hero. But the new documentary MLK. FBI returns us to the time when J. Edgar Hoover treated him as an enemy historian Beverly Gauge, explains the FBI Woz Most alarmed about King because of his success. And they were particularly concerned that he was this powerful, charismatic figure who had the ability to mobilize people. King's biographer, David Garrow, wrote a book about the FBI's relentless surveillance campaign. Their agents recorded King's extramarital affairs and tried to smear his reputation. The FBI is frustrated that even though they've successfully caught King In 15 or more hotel rooms, and they've distributed this behind the scenes to church leaders to reporters. Nothing's publicly happened now, as black lives matter. Activists face new government pressure Film makes us wonder how much the FBI has changed. The bureau's former director, James Comey, remains dismayed about Hoover's treatment of King. You know this about humans? What we're best at is convincing ourselves of our own righteousness. I think this entire episode represents the darkest part of the bureau's history. Filmmaker Sam Pollard previously was a director on eyes on the prize and a collaborator with Spike Lee. He's being honored at the document. I see Festival with a lifetime achievement award. MLK. FBI is now streaming on the dock NYC website For more information is a w n y c dot or g'kar flash docks.

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