High Spirits


There's a drink they make in chicago that boasts about how few people actually enjoy. Its bitter wormwood flavor if bars even had a bottle of it. They probably never opened it when the manufacturer ran a social media contest to come up with a new slogan albeit an unofficial one. They got suggestions like when you need to unfriendly someone in person turning taste. Buds into taste enemy is free years. And what soap washes its mouth out with but believe it or not. It's catching on my name's moxy and this is your brain on facts pop quiz. What is the most popular liquor in the world. While you mold that over here's a quick primer on a small segment of the panoply. That is the world alcohol. Low alcohol beverages are made all over the globe by mixing something containing starch or simple sugars with water adding yeast or allowing wild yeast and bacteria to invade and leaving it to ferment wherein the east eat the shiver and because ethanol and carbon dioxide these beers wines and the like can be made from any fruit grain and even some tree saps like palm and birch. Anything with natural. Sugar will do in colonial america brewing with pumpkins and other winter. Squashes was actually fairly common. But if you take your beer or wine and distill it meaning to boil it and collect the condensed steam thus removing the water and making the drink stronger. Now you've got something that's where we get vodka brandy whisky and all other drinks of spiritus nature. That's what we're talking about today. The weirdest and most wonderful who humanity has come up with on the whole. I am ruling out craft beers. Because will you know how craft beers are even trying to restrict searched liquor. The google machine kept popping up craft beer. after craft beer beer made with pizza or chilies or fermented shark. Fan or bull testicles goat brain or stags semen not a word of ally. Didn't make any of those up but back to the question. Of the most favoured firewater there is a lot of whiskey in the world for sure but with all of its subcategories consumed across the us and canada and of course ireland their credited with inventing it. After all though they called it ishiba the water of life. No it's not whiskey looking. They drink a lot of vodka in russia. That is true but it's not vodka you know where else they have. A lot of people china one point. Four billion to be specific. And it's the chinese spirit buys you. That is drunk more than any other. And i'm guaranteed be mispronouncing that because i have not been trained in any inflected languages. Sorry it's the world's most popular liquor by volume selling more than ten billion with a b. leaders every year more than all the vodka and whisky in the world combined by you is a vast category of clear yet complex spirits that have played a prominent role in china's drinking culture since the dynasty. It's been cold light. You harsh alcohol or showed you burnt wine. Today is called baiju which translates to white spirits. In contrast to chinese fermented grain alcohols known has kwangju or yellow wine. It's usually distilled from for meant it sorghum. Although other grains can be used it is also strong like really strong running between eighty two hundred and twenty proof or between forty and sixty percent. alcohol brand. Names aren't as big a force in by shoe as they would be in the west where you might swear by jack daniels and never touch jim beam or you only drink hennessy. When you're out restaurants and families all do their own styles and it changes a lot. Regionally brand names. Her barely a factor. But i do want to mention one reaching fung. The brands only been around since two thousand. But it's declared itself the oldest distillery in china because its parent company stumbled upon the ruins of six year old facility when they were undergoing renovations in the ninety s. There technically correct the best kind of correct. Ju can be divided into six subcategories divided by their fragrances. Honey layered light rice sauce and thick. None of which would help me make a decision. If i was buying it in the shops it said that western pallets tend to favor the lighter and sweeter fragrances. And it's not very surprising. Baiju is rare in the us though you can find it in certain thoroughly stocked bars and it might be a while before it catches on people who have tried it often describe it as tasting like sweaty socks or rotten fruit and other things. That don't make me wanna reach for one. In other words to the uninitiated. it tastes weird at best. If we're gonna talk about spirits in asia we should probably address the elephant in the room or rather the snake lizard or baby mouse.

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