iHeartMedia to buy podcast host Voxnest



Guess who's got the hands on Vox Nest. Radio yes. iheartmedia is to acquire the company VOX. Next will provide dynamic ad serving for heart radio PODCASTS and analytics Fox next also spreaker the sixth largest podcast host with sixty one thousand shows and blog talk radio with a further eight thousand three hundred terms wants disclosed. IHEART currently hosts with megaphone but has hosted with Speaker in the past. podcast hosts captivate has unveiled amy their audio mastering an integration engine, which is now in private beater tool offers dynamic content insertion for all podcast on the platform and also include proprietary audio processing tool. I'm an adviser. The finalists have been announced for the two thousand and twenty discover pods awards. You have until November the sixth to vote for the winners. This podcast is in the best news podcast finalists, but rap against the daily up I pod Save America and today explained. So we're not holding our breath. Silicon Valley Code Wreck Audio Journalism claims article in Washington monthly arguing that we need government regulation to keep podcasting healthy Dewey James Panel is to leave the BBC next week a former Labor MP who's responsible for BBC sounds the corporations audio APP. He was publicly sidelined by the new director-general. Tim Davie moves to be president and vice chancellor at the University of Arts in London we must have been in a hurry to leave that job starts in March. Punch shape and Australia. And podcast publisher has got one of his shows into a new spotify daily wellness podcast playlist and launched three new shows. The founders of Gotham podcast studio failed their own community focused hosting company tandem podcasting launches with member profiles and alive member Chat Service, and spotify is music with shows seems to be impossible for some time to mullen context has to pointers to to projects. He's worked with a track by track with cranium and artists Atlantic, turning February and Sharon radios wash with Simon, Lebron, Casey Krassner now at episode twenty-seven. I didn't attack stuff this. Monday. There's been significant movements in the new podcast index podcast namespace. The locking transcript funding and chapters data is now all being returned in the API responses and a lot of supporters ready been announced support from fireside, for example, which support publishing of the locking funding and transcript tags. Hyper catch, which is an interactive podcast, APP unlike any other in supports the podcast chapters tag pod friends supports the funding tag. Now, it's in our feet to if you want to see how it works blueberry now has a tool to help you submit your podcast to the podcast index works for anybody you don't have to be hosted with them at an carry rights that we shouldn't forget the listeners asking. For testing tools and a reminder that Dave Jones and Adam Curry's podcasting two point. Oh podcast. He's not on apple or spotify we linked to it though today from our show notes and our newsletter cast apart is an open source podcast platform that now supports the mocking tag both the important publish the service also supports POKES RSS USER agents list to enhance analytics you can grab the source and download it today Is there a better way to attribute platforms and APPs than a US agent we have a proposal for an audio query string I. Say we it's mind. It's probably got a lot of house in it of link to its day feedback his welcome, and if you'd like to do a spotify show with music but use youtube instead then you can't do that with a playlist and it turns out that you can do quite a creditable version using the Youtube Java script, Api, properly mixing, and talking over the songs and Jingles and all that are willing to that today from our show notes and on newsletter to. And in Podcast News, the mother Jones podcast is hosting their first ever live podcast show tomorrow four o'clock New York time willing to that today in our show notes and our newsletter, and our see national broadsheet newspaper in the Netherlands is concerned about the platforms of major tech companies that control the market. It's to move their shows like and are C. Dyke, their Daily News podcast into their own APP and our see audio from January. The first the website says certain and see podcasts will only be available to subscribers. Are. Coming down. Everywhere.

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