An appearance today in Wilmington,


Deaths, perhaps 80,000 more with a proper national response, A California court of Appeals orders the state to reduce the number of prisoners at San Quentin Prison by 50% through transfers or releases on calls for the Cingular family, who socked away billions in profits from selling opiates through their producer, pharmaceutical company. To face criminal charges and go to jail for killing at least 450,000. Americans from Pacifica Radio. KPFA, Berkeley KPFK, Los Angeles. This is the evening news. I'm Mark Miracle. During an appearance today in Wilmington, Delaware. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden berated President Trump for his response to the Corona virus. Pandemic. Biden has long accused the Trump administration of giving up on the Corona virus pandemic. But today he got more aggressive, arguing that the president actively encouraged it spread. Seeking to keep the focus of the presidential race on the health crisis that's killed more than 220,000 Americans. Biden said It was as if Trump had decided to go on the offensive for the virus. By noted that Trump held large, non socially distanced and Maskell is rallies nationwide, even inviting the virus into the White House itself by taking a relaxed approach to the most basic of precautions. Bye decried what he called the unconscionable lack of personal protective equipment for frontline workers, the disproportionate impact of the Corona virus on the central workers and underrepresented communities and the politicization of the pandemic crisis, and Biden outlined a national response plan. That he said he would adopt worried to become president with testing therapy treatments and ultimately, a vaccine wife Sadie Therapies shouldn't be just available. Wealthy, well connected

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