The Sussexes' fight for a safer digital world


All the latest goings on with the British Royal Family I'm your host amid scooby flying solo this week because. Renewed, it's currently on the road for story she will no doubt with us with a couple of tales to share. on next week's. But that does not mean we have half the content this week, a royal family had been very busy. We've had the Cambridge's and about in London marking the launch of Kate's hold still exhibition with the National Portrait Gallery Prince. William has been getting in on the podcast seen as speaking about his outrage of the inaction world leaders on a environmental focused podcast. This obviously comes off the back of his Earth Shot Prize launch, which we discussed on previous episode also had him picking up a COUPLA new roles from the Queen and Prince Philip beginning into a little bit of diesel about that later in. The show and Kamilo opens up about her mother's struggle with osteoporosis in the video that was released by Clarence House just yesterday, and of course, we'll be checking up with our day old friends. The Sussex is across the pond been very busy this week with a collaboration or partnership with Time Magazine. The time one hundred talks special focusing on creating a more humane and compassionate S- digital community. The will not benefit the online world, but also the offline world they spoke with a number of leaders. And thought makers across the scene from the tax base. Fort was a very interesting insightful couple of hours was livestream earlier this week we diving into some of the details that came from that, and of course, the big announcement for their nonprofit organization arch well. That will be launching this year. We had some new information on that directly from team Sussex of course, we started our week with the Cambridge's the Duchess of Cambridge was out in London to mark the or see the final results of the months long haul still project that she had partnered with the National Poetry Gallery for here in London this was a project that pulled together images from across the country that represented off time in lockdown. A very poignant series portrays and some thousand and trees, and it was the Duchess of Cambridge, a panel of several others that pulled together the final list, and now this the gallery is available online to look at the digital virtual exhibition, of course. Given wherever adds it makes complete sense but they did wants to do something a little bit special and what's the National Portrait Gallery of done is bring many of these images two, hundred, twelve locations or community sites are calling it across the UK billboards pop up exhibitions in the streets and public areas, towns, villages, cities. It'll be going on for the next weeks and William Kate who are currently back in London. Of course because the kids or school. When town together to check out a couple of the sites where at the pictures to place visited Waterloo which London, some of you may have heard of. So, not far from the train station and they met with a couple who had actually. Had their images selected for the exhibition and. Trump's for the couple to have a look at some of these images more interestingly I. Think one thing that tickled the press mostly over here was Prince William had a little nose or pokes his head into a KFC he on the way. which somehow ends up being the picture of the day but of course. That was much bigger issue here which of course, checking images for the whole still exhibits So as I said, they're hundred and twelve exhibition sites and you know this was the transfer the couple again to be honest and about wearing them asks I think it's very important for the royal family at something mckeon spoken about law is that I think the royal family have really prove that worth and relevance throughout this period by bringing communities together. And being part of the conversations that being had across the country indeed and crow apart across much of the Commonwealth. As the world takes on deals with the challenge of Corona virus. This wasn't the only time that we saw Prince William this week because we also him on a podcast called outrage optimism alongside a U. N. official Cristiana Forget. Who she recently oversold the delivery of the Paris Agreement on climate change and she's also a member of the princes Earth Short Prize panel, and this was really a chance to hear some of William's thoughts on why surprise so important him. But also what he wants to achieve by launching this prize and what he feels can be gained from it during the Khasi spoke about his outrage by the inaction of world leaders around the world. Who in his mind freely failed to? Take on the leadership as the world continues to face. Problems stemming from climate change I get outraged by the inaction that's probably not shape. But that is what I get most trouble especially as I'm in a position of. Responsibility like Oh leadership I feel I can do a lot more. Ability, and so therefore, I don't understand why those who have the leaders don't. Yeah. And I think that's what really upsets me and keeps me awake at nights and I think this was a chance for Williams not only speak about the price, but he also shed his sort of hopes for new optimism for people to look for inspiring as to help fight full the natural world the next ten years. Show prizes. We went into great detail about last episode. Do Check it out if you want to hear more.

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