Delaware Memorial Bridge, 95,000 And South Jersey discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Today. Hey, what up Anytime for 03 Here is you're a traffic update. Don't 95 north coming up on 3 22. We do have construction that's going to be cleared within the next A couple of minutes. This is 95 north, nearing 3 22 and the two left lanes. Also that earlier stolen vehicle north bound, coming up on Bridge Street has been cleared as well. South of 95,000, an issue from Buck's counting all the way down towards the Delaware state lines. Google Expressway looks good in both directions, just that long term construction. Walking the left lane westbound from university to 30th and also the 76 west off ramp. The 30th is closed Now if you're traveling through South Jersey, north on 42 passing one 68th or two right lanes closed off and 2 95 North bound, Nearing X, said 43 to love planes or shut down one bridge note here. The Delaware Memorial Bridge heading into New Jersey is reduced to one land for construction. And they came out a billion his radio 24 hour Traffic center on Pete and Arado. A popular coffee chain could be up for sale. CBS News correspondent Mad Piper reports. The owner of Duncan and Baskin Robbins isn't talks to be acquired in a potential multi billion dollar deal with the restaurant operator inspire

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